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Adj.1.reddish-pink - of a pink color that is close to red
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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Marsh phlox also thrives in these conditions, showing off with reddish-pink midsummer flowers on plants about 3 feet tall.
First, the Rose Stick, a reddish-pink cream stick that can be used as a blush, lipstick or even as an alternate for eyeshadow.
India has an estimated monkey population of 50 million and roughly 15,000 are believed to roam Agra, all of them macaques, a common species with reddish-pink faces.
Secondly their Decoplate Rose Gold finish has a unique reddish-pink hue which differentiates it from all the other gold's.
The posterior lip of the cervix appeared bulky with a 2x1 cm reddish-pink, sessile, firm, nodular lesion arising from it.
Police identified the animal accused of taking the child as a rhesus macaque, or Macaca mulatta, a species of monkey with a reddish-pink face with dusty-brown fur.
Reddish-pink granite extracted from Aswan was used in the construction of the central chamber holding the pharaonic sarcophagus.
Thus, meat drip loss and lightness form the base of the definition of the pork quality categories, including RSE (reddish-pink, soft, and exudative), PFN (pale, firm, and nonexudative), RFN (reddish-pink, firm, and nonexudative), and DFD (dark, firm, and dry) meat [5].
Top-quality meat has a reddish-pink color, firm texture and normal exudation (RFN), which is considered ideal for producers and consumers.
A similar julienne tomato is Blush, a yellow tomato with reddish-pink stripes and a red blush rounded bottom, having a sweet, fruity flavor.
To many, beets, which give the soup its characteristic reddish-pink color, are essential, though there are versions that forego the root vegetable.
In a surprise move that departs from the brand's commitment to classic hues like black, gold and stainless steel, Kolor tastefully blends sleek neutrals with vivid shades of purple and reddish-pink for a truly unique look.