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v. re·dec·o·rat·ed, re·dec·o·rat·ing, re·dec·o·rates
To change the appearance or furnishings of; refurbish.
To change a decorative scheme.

re·dec′o·ra′tion n.
re·dec′o·ra′tor n.
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(Professions) a person who redecorates
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His daughter Ivanka also made an appearance as the White House redecorator. At one point the purported president of Mexico handed Trump a "check for the wall," an allusion to Trump's pledge to ( build a wall running the length of the U.S.
Angela is certified by the Home Staging Resource, and is a Certified Interior Redecorator and a Certified Color With No Regrets Consultant.
[5] The proliferation of cable channels has spawned multiple versions of this makeover magic, beginning with more staid and respectable home restorations and cooking shows and spreading to the surprisingly pervasive "garage" genre of custom vehicles and the how-to mania of instructional, product-hawking, do-it-yourself, home improvement and "designer" redecorator shows, culminating at this point in mixed genre game show surprise!-we've-redone-your-living-room-in-the-style-of-a-Celtic-cemetery shows.
The actress-turned-singer-turned-perfumier-turned-dressing-room- redecorator has butted into the clothing market, knocking up threads designed for `girls with curves' - and a penchant for velour.
They hired an interior redecorator who gave them incredible results in just a few days.