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tr.v. re·deemed, re·deem·ing, re·deems
1. To recover ownership of by paying a specified sum: redeemed the ring from the pawnbroker.
a. To pay off (a promissory note, for example).
b. To turn in (coupons, for example) and receive something in exchange.
c. To convert into cash: redeem stocks.
3. To fulfill (a pledge, for example): "That is the unfinished work of our time, to lift the burden of race and redeem the promise of America" (Bill Clinton).
a. To set free, as from slavery or kidnapping, by providing money or other compensation.
b. To save (a person or soul) from a state of sinfulness and its consequences. See Synonyms at save1.
c. To restore the honor, worth, or reputation of: You botched the last job but can redeem yourself on this one.
a. To atone for (an error or mistake): "a silence that gave Maisie a chance to redeem the mistake of pretending to know too much by the humility of inviting further correction" (Henry James).
b. To serve as compensation for; make up for: The low price of the clothes dryer redeems its lack of special features.

[Middle English redemen, from Old French redimer, from Latin redimere : re-, red-, re- + emere, to buy; see em- in Indo-European roots.]

re·deem′a·ble adj.
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Adj.1.redeemed - saved from the bondage of sin
Christian religion, Christianity - a monotheistic system of beliefs and practices based on the Old Testament and the teachings of Jesus as embodied in the New Testament and emphasizing the role of Jesus as savior
saved - rescued; especially from the power and consequences of sin; "a saved soul"
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Luker, he was to receive back the Diamond, as a pledge redeemed. If he failed to produce the money at the expiration of the year, the pledge (otherwise the Moonstone) was to be considered as forfeited to Mr.
(in disguise), and redeemed the Moonstone, on the appointed day.
In the morning he paid every bill, gave Maria three months' advance on the room, and redeemed every pledge at the pawnshop.
Having been told by the Abyssins that we had carried all the gold out of Aethiopia, they searched us with great exactness, but found nothing except two chalices, and some relics of so little value that we redeemed them for six sequins.
`Yes,' she said, `that may do very well in this life, but what will become of them in the next?' They too were sent to New Orleans; but were afterwards redeemed, at an enormous ransom, and brought back." Is it not plain, from this, that the histories of Emmeline and Cassy may have many counterparts?
every time that you pray that the kingdom of Christ may come, can you forget that prophecy associates, in dread fellowship, the day of vengeance with the year of his redeemed?
Dost thou not remember the sick yeoman whom thy fair daughter Rebecca redeemed from the gyves at York, and kept him in thy house till his health was restored, when thou didst dismiss him recovered, and with a piece of money?
Paper money is issued by individuals as they require it and redeemed twice yearly.
Raoul redeemed nothing but his weakness, and only confessed his grief.
Thwackum, on the contrary, maintained that the human mind, since the fall, was nothing but a sink of iniquity, till purified and redeemed by grace.
The redeemed shares will be selected in accordance with the standard procedures of The Depository Trust Company.