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or red-head·ed  (rĕd′hĕd′ĭd)
1. Having red hair.
2. Having a red head: a redheaded bird.
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Adj.1.redheaded - having red hair and usually fair skin
blond, blonde, light-haired - being or having light colored skin and hair and usually blue or grey eyes; "blond Scandinavians"; "a house full of light-haired children"
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vörös hajú
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Redheaded people can't wear pink, not even in imagination.
My, but you ARE redheaded! Well, I s'pose we're all as the Lord made us!
Its office helpers were all known to the "Army" by quaint titles--"Inky Ike," "the Bald-headed Man," "the Redheaded Girl," "the Bulldog," "the Office Goat," and "the One Hoss."
The prettiest species -- and probably the one you are least likely to see -- is the redheaded woodpecker.
Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert wanted to adopt a boy to help on the farm; instead they get brash, redheaded Anne, who has always dreamed of finding a real home.
Best known for playing the redheaded beauty Sansa Stark in the award-winning cult TV show, she still lives in Leamington with her parents and dog Zunni, who played her direwolf Lady in the HBO series.
If you've always wanted to see the redheaded superstar go full frum, you're in luck:
'All ya'll red heads are losing your red headed minds over the new red head emoji but ya'll realize this doesn't mean you get red headed skateboarders or redheaded vampires, right?' Daniel tweeted in jest.
"The book is reasonably well-written and-researched, and Fitch's quick-witted, resilient, redheaded heroine is no worse than any other quick-witted, resilient, redheaded heroine, but a book that is nearly 1,000 pages long...
Through lively dialogue, the fearless redheaded dreamer and bibliophile swiftly captures the imagination.
The finished product, named 'Sex in a Can', features a fiery redheaded, mermaid-inspired figure blowing a kiss to potential consumers from a contrasting aquamarine coloured background.
Synopsis: Mary Louise is a bookish, redheaded, freckle-faced, eighteen-year-old virgin who is unaware she has Asperger's Syndrome when she dispenses with Tim, her loving but far too serious and conventional high school boyfriend.