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tr.v. re·dis·trict·ed, re·dis·trict·ing, re·dis·tricts
To divide again into districts, especially to give new boundaries to administrative or election districts.
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(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) US to reorganize the legislative districts (of)
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(riˈdɪs trɪkt)

to divide anew into districts, as for administrative or electoral purposes.
[1840–50, Amer.]
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Chairman, and to its affirmation I pledge my life, my fortune, and my sacred honour, that that wicked and unscrupulous Minority redistricted the cards!"
Principally, it is difficult to force legislators to voluntarily cede their power to redistrict. (149) For example, recent legislative conversion efforts in Kansas and North Carolina failed to gain momentum during the legislative process.
All states must redistrict their legislative districts, with the exception that no redistricting is required if a state is allocated a single congressional district.
Neither the latest federal reapportionment act, passed in 1929, (64) nor the previous act, passed in 1911, (65) addressed what would happen in a state that lost representation and failed to redistrict. As early as February 20, 1931, Senator William Petersen, chairman of the Senate Reapportionment Committee, contacted Republican Attorney General Henry Benson, asking what would be the result "[i]f we do not redistrict the state." (66) Benson, unable to answer, put the question to Congressman Frank Clague in a letter, saying:
Fifteen Senators, all Democrats, challenged the governor's power to redistrict the Senate in the absence of a constitutional amendment to Article VI.
Ratcliffe & Janet Elliott, Senate OKs Redistrict Plan as COP Feuds, HOUSTON CHRON., Sept.
Having failed to redistrict when it should have, the General Assembly has lost its chance to redistrict until after the 2010 federal census."
Kousser's chapter thoroughly analyzes congressional and state legislative redistrict ing in California and does not overlap with his book.
completed the decennial redistrict. (9) But public participation and
But although the issue of whether to redistrict mid-decade is a thorny one, planning now for 2011 seems like a simpler proposition.