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 (rĕd′ə-vī′vəs, -vē′-)
Come back to life; revived: "defenders of the Imperial Presidency redivivus" (Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.).

[Late Latin redivīvus, from Latin, renewed : re-, red-, re- + vīvus, living; see vivify.]
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rare returned to life; revived
[C17: from Late Latin, from Latin red- re- + vīvus alive]
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(ˌrɛd əˈvaɪ vəs, -ˈvi-)

living again; revived.
[1645–55; < Late Latin redivīvus, Latin: used earlier, secondhand]
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A companion article, "Jean Wiener redivivus," was published in 1989 and functions as a sequel to the earlier effort.
"Selden redivivus: towards a partition of the seas?" The American Journal of International Law 65, no.
Panagrellus redivivus is a free living non-parasitic nematode which can be suitable for larval feeding.
Esta idea dio origen a la leyenda de Nero redivivus. Y dado que ninguna impostura permanece aislada, sino que tiende a autopropagarse y a difundirse como un sistema en si mismo, la leyenda genero nuevas imposturas, por ejemplo, la de ocasionales "caudillos" que surgian de vez en cuando afirmando ser el Neron que retornaba y que constituian un peligro para Roma y sus alrededores.
Chapter Seven, "Dunmow Redivivus: Vallans, Daniel, and Davenport," examines three attempts to square Dunmow with responsible historiography.
The question of which Martin Droeshout did the engraving of Shakespeare remained unresolved until 2007 when, in an essay in Shakespeare Survey 60 entitled "Martin Droeshout Redivivus: Reassessing the Folio Engraving of Shakespeare," I brought together the discoveries of Edmond and Schuckman with my own research in London, Madrid, and Brussels.
(20) The most comprehensive treatment of early French (and neo-Latin) imitations is John O'Brien's Anacreon Redivivus: A Study of Anacreontic Translation in Mid-Sixteenth-Century France (Ann Arbor: Univ.
Comparisons to Scipio appear throughout his treatment of Cola, Petrarch's Scipio redivivus. Idealistic but also at turns practical, the open letter encourages the newly minted tribune to begin the morning by hearing mass and advises him to pray fervently.