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v. red·lined, red·lin·ing, red·lines
1. To refuse to provide mortgages, insurance, or other goods or services to areas deemed a poor economic risk, particularly when the residents are nonwhite.
2. To reach the maximum engine speed at which an engine is designed to be safely operated: The car redlined at 80 miles per hour in fourth gear.
3. Computers To mark or highlight edited text, as with a red line, to distinguish it from unedited portions of a document.
1. To practice redlining in (an area or community), as in declining to provide mortgages.
2. To remove from operational status because of mechanical defects or the need for scheduled maintenance: redlined three fighter aircraft.
3. Computers To mark (edited text) by redlining.
n. or red line
1. A safety limit, as marked on a gauge.
2. The furthest limit of what will be tolerated: The use of chemical weapons in the conflict will cross a red line and trigger immediate intervention.
3. Sports
a. The red line at the center of an ice hockey rink, running parallel to the goal lines and dividing the rink in half.
b. Either of two red lines running across an ice hockey rink near the end boards, in the center of which the goal is positioned.
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the practice (by a bank or group of banks) of refusing a loan to a person or country because of the presumed risks involved
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or red′-lin`ing,

1. a discriminatory practice by which some financial institutions refuse to grant mortgages or insurance in urban areas that they consider to be deteriorating.
2. a marking device, as underlining or boldface, used esp. in word processing to highlight suggested additional text in a document.
[(definition 0) 1965–70, Amer.; as if such areas had been outlined in red on a map]
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Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Indiana filed a complaint and settlement agreement, resolving allegations that First Merchants Bank engaged in lending discrimination by "redlining" predominantly African-American neighborhoods within Indianapolis, Indiana.
It has to do with document redlining. Are you guilty?
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"Redlining" (the racist practice of denying mortgages to anyone in integrating areas of the city) played a crucial role in shaping the decline of entire neighborhoods.
CONCERNS ABOUT REDLINING HAVE INCREASED REGULATORY SCRUTINY in recent years--so much so that lenders' compliance risk has grown into a three-headed dragon looming over the mortgage business, consumer lending activities and Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) program.
At press time, Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), Chairman of the House Education Committee George Miller (D-Calif.), and New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced they would took into allegations that private tending firms may have engaged in "redlining" practices that discriminate against minority students.
The user interface must also support collaboration by providing the functionality required to share comments among users, maintain discussion history, and conduct conferences (from webcam and WebEx meetings to document display and redlining, whatever the document, to shared whiteboards).
Market share is a key sales figure for insurers, and it's a key part of defending against redlining lawsuits.
Powered with Autodesk(R) technology, PocketCAD PRO offers a comprehensive feature set that makes data creation, viewing, drawing, redlining and modification simple, easy and effective.