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a. A small warbler (Setophaga ruticilla) of the Americas, the male of which has black plumage with orange patches on the wings and tail.
b. Any of several warblers of the genus Myioborus of South and Central America and southwest North America, resembling Setophaga ruticilla but having white rather than orange on the tail. Also called whitestart.
2. Any of several small flycatchers of Eurasia and Africa, especially Phoenicurus phoenicurus, having grayish plumage and a rust-red breast and tail.

[red + obsolete start, tail (from Middle English stert, from Old English steort; see ster- in Indo-European roots).]
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1. (Animals) any European songbird of the genus Phoenicurus, esp P. phoenicurus, in which the male has a black throat, orange-brown tail and breast, and grey back: family Muscicapidae (thrushes, etc)
2. (Animals) any North American warbler of the genus Setophaga, esp S. ruticilla
[Old English rēad red + steort tail; compare German Rotsterz]
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1. any of several New World wood warblers that habitually fan their tails, esp. Setophaga ruticilla, the male of which is mostly black with orange wing and tail patches.
2. any of several small Eurasian thrushes of the genus Phoenicurus, having reddish brown tails, esp. P. phoenicurus.
[1560–70; red + obsolete start tail]
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Noun1.redstart - flycatching warbler of eastern North America the male having bright orange on sides and wings and tailredstart - flycatching warbler of eastern North America the male having bright orange on sides and wings and tail
flycatching warbler - any of numerous American wood warblers that feed on insects caught on the wing
2.redstart - European songbird with a reddish breast and tail; related to Old World robins
thrush - songbirds characteristically having brownish upper plumage with a spotted breast
genus Phoenicurus, Phoenicurus - Old World thrushes
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[ˈredstɑːt] Ncolirrojo m real
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A male hen harrier graced Conwy RSPB twice last week while black redstarts (tingoch ddu) were still putting in appearances at West Shore, Llandudno, and on the Little Orme, Penrhyn Bay.
BIRD NOTES With Julian Hughes | What's under the bonnet PICTURE: ARTHUR ROBERTS REDSTARTS are longdistance migrants, travelling thousands of miles from sub-Saharan Africa to nest in Wales each spring.
Black Redstarts (Tingoch Ddu) were still putting in appearances at West Shore, Llandudno, on the Little Orme, Penrhyn Bay, at the beach at Kinmel Bay and in Caernarfon town centre.
Redstarts are passing visitors to the reserve, but are now arriving in numbers in oak woods where they will breed, along with the less common Pied Flycatcher.
Wintering black redstarts were on the Little Orme, Conwy, and at Burton Marsh, Wirral.
These ruined areas are history, now prime real estate, but small numbers of nesting Black Redstarts hang on in our cities.
More black redstarts this week, new birds at Beaumaris, Llandyrnog, Point Lynas and Porthmadog, where a black guillemot is near the yacht club.
For those feeling that the week's weather requires an ark, the birds are coming in two-bytwo: two Firecrests at RSPB Conwy, two Black Redstarts above the Little Orme's Angel Bay and two Surf Scoters off the east end of Old Colwyn promenade.
More black redstarts have been found, including Llanddwyn Island and the council building in Caernarfon, three behind the demolished Penmorfa Hotel on Llandudno's West Shore, and two on the Little Orme.
Five Black Redstarts are on the Little Orme and Penrhyn Bay breakwater, with a Twite feeding in a Promenade storm drain and Purple Sandpipers roost on sea defences towards Rhoson-Sea.
Four Richard's pipits were the highlight, and at least four black redstarts were there, plus three on Anglesey and another on Great Orme copper mine.
More Black Redstarts were on the Little Orme and along the Tremadog by-pass.