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A perennial grass (Agrostis gigantea) with reddish spikelets, native to Eurasia and widely cultivated for forage.
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any of several grasses of the genus Agrostis having reddish panicles, as A. gigantea, widely cultivated for lawns.
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As for the unmentionable redtop, well, Degsy should know quite a bit about the troublecausing elements in society - he used to number quite a few as friends in his firebrand days before he became respectable.
For example, in July 2015, the Daily Mirror (overall perhaps the most restrained of the UK's notorious "redtop" press) reported on a national UK poll by the respected polling organization ICM that had found that 9% of the population reported having favorable views of the Islamic State (an increase of 2% on the same poll conducted in 2014).
Experimental cool-season seed mixture (non-native seed mixture) Rate (kg/ Threat Scientific Name Common Name ha) Description Level Poaceae Agrostis Redtop 4.5 Nurse 3 gigantea crop Poaceae Festuca Hard 11.2 Grami- Intro- ovina var.
The dominant species in the pasture were Kentuckey bluegrass (Poa pratensis), Italian ryegrass (Lolitum multiflorum) and Redtop (Agrostis alba).
Obsidians: Redtop Mountain, 8 miles, 2,000 feet of elevation gain.
In such an instance, the Inde pendent Press Standards Organisation and even the discredited Press Complaints Commission (which IPSO is on the verge of replacing) would surely agree even with extremist supporters of Hacked O and impose a heavy censure on the infamously cavalier redtop tabloid.
Although belatedly withdrawn, those remarks will doubtless garner a rash of redtop puns and irritate the good folk at Santander.
Thornley (1987) Fructan, starch and sucrose concentrations in crested wheatgrass and redtop as affected by temperature.
Power was initially from 2.0-litre eight-valve 115bhp and 16-valve fuel-injected 150bhp four-cylinder redtop petrol engines.
The cool-season grassland on Bryson's Hope site also had redtop (Agrostis gigantea).