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A tripeptide, C10H17N3O6S, of glycine, cysteine, and glutamic acid that occurs widely in plant and animal tissues and is important in biological oxidation-reduction reactions.


(ˌɡluːtəˈθaɪəʊn; -θaɪˈəʊn)
(Biochemistry) biochem a tripeptide consisting of glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine: important in biological oxidations and the activation of some enzymes. Formula: C10H17N3O6S
[C20: from gluta(mic acid) + thi- + -one]


(ˌglu təˈθaɪ oʊn)

a crystalline, water-soluble peptide of glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine, C10H17N3O6S, found in blood and in animal and plant tissues, and important in tissue oxidations and in the activation of some enzymes.
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They catalyse the conjugation of the reduced glutathione (GSH; I3-Glu-Cys-Gly), via its -SH group, to a wide variety of electrophilic substrates (Zimniak, 2006; Allocati et al.
2016) with a concomitant rise of MDA and reduced glutathione levels (GSH).
Reduced glutathione was measured in the tissue homogenates with the method of Elman (18).
The salon co-founder Marius Morariu believes that the green stone can increase the body's levels of reduced glutathione, an antioxidant that has been shown to improve the complexion and brighten the skin.
Consequently, higher glutathione reductase activity, which increases reduced glutathione levels, seems to be associated with better health and increased life span.
The reduced glutathione levels result in decreased processing of pro-oxidants and decreased levels of antioxidants leading to oxidative disturbance, as illustrated in Fig.
Materials and methods: The levels of lipid peroxidation, reduced glutathione and ascorbic acid were assessed by determining the extent of oxidative stress in the erythrocytes of rats.
Neuroprotective effect of reduced glutathione on cisplatin-based chemotherapy in advanced gastric cancer: A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial.
Erythrocyte antioxidant such as reduced glutathione (GSH) functions as an efficient intracellular scavenger of [H.
The concentration of reduced glutathione (GSH) is in millimoler in many tissues1 making it a potent and in abundant intracellular tripeptide.
5 ml venous blood was withdrawn using syringe before and after the test from each participant in a polyethylene tube, Biochemical variables were glucose, lactate, reduced glutathione (GSH) Malondialdehyde, cholesterol and triglycerides, they were analyzed using spectrometry.
This synergistic combination of omega-3 fatty acids and potent antioxidants contains 1,000 mg concentrated omega-3s and 400 mg freeform curcumin, along with 150 mg of reduced glutathione and 200 mg of N-Acetylcysteine (NAC).

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