reducing agent

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re·duc·ing agent

(rĭ-do͞o′sĭng, -dyo͞o′-)
A substance that chemically reduces other substances, especially by donating one or more electrons.
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reducing agent

(Chemistry) chem a substance that reduces another substance in a chemical reaction, being itself oxidized in the process. Compare oxidizing agent
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reduc′ing a′gent

a substance that causes another substance to undergo reduction and that is oxidized in the process.
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Noun1.reducing agent - a substance capable of bringing about the reduction of another substance as it itself is oxidized; used in photography to lessen the density of a negative or print by oxidizing some of the loose silver
chemical agent - an agent that produces chemical reactions
hydrazine - a colorless fuming corrosive liquid; a powerful reducing agent; used chiefly in rocket fuels
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RDF, he said was ideal fuel to be used in cement plants, lime plants, coal fired power plants and also as a reducing agent in steel furnaces.
Favor able policies, such as Directive 2003/53/EC of the European Union that mandates use of ferrous sulfate as a reducing agent additive, are poised to bode well for the growth of ferrous sulfate market.
Previously, the only reliable way to make gold nanoparticles, which are used in a variety of applications ranging from bioimaging and drug discovery to gas detection, was to combine the gold precursor chloroauric acid with a reducing agent, such as sodium borohydride.
MTO means indirect Ni bath life, with "0 MTO" indicating a fresh plating bath and "2 MTO" an aged plating bath, which is supplemented twice with the initial amount of metallic salts and the reducing agent. In this study, surface defects on the Ni-plated layer were investigated to understand the correlation between the MTO solutions and defect factors by solder resist (SR) dissolution.
Reduction of ionic silver was performed by using triethyl amine as reducing agent and cephradine as stabilizer.
Chitosan is used as a stabilizer [15] and as a reducing agent [16] in the synthesis of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs).
CMC is water soluble, presents chemical stability, and is not toxic and, besides, being a reducing agent, it also can act as a particle stabilizer [16-18].
Our profession should be the grand public health reducing agent. Let's consider collecting, packaging, and giving away our environmental health data in a manner that creates value for philosophically aligned agencies, sectors, and data users.
Monodispersed iron nanoparticles with an average diameter of 6 nm using ferric chloride as a precursor, sodium borohydride as a reducing agent, polyacrylic acid as a dispersing agent and palladium ions as seed for iron nanoparticle nucleation through chemical reduction at pH 9.5 were prepared [62].
Maltose (saccharide of malt sprout or malt sugar) was used as a natural and harmless raw material in the production of the nanocomposite as a reducing agent. Operational cost decreases in this method due to the application of nitrate salts as precursor.