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reduce, reduct - Reduce first meant "bring back or recall in memory" or "take back or refer (a thing) to its origin," from Latin reducere, "lead back"; reduct means "simplify."
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If the result corresponds to a minimum reduct, thenthe runisnotonlynormal butalsosuccessful.
(iii) The RFRS method can reduce the number and improve the quality of reducts. Usually, more than one reduct exists in the dataset; and larger numbers of features result in larger numbers of reducts [40].
Arab Youth Climate Movement has demanded that Arab leaders work constructively to achieve GHG emission reduct Image Credit: Supplied Image Credit: Gulf News
A lightweight, expanded polypropylene bead foam material has been used to achieve almost 3kg of weight savings, as well as reduct ions in C[O.sub.2] emissions, in Peugeot's 308 model.
For every minimal P [subset or equal to] C we define such that [[gamma].sub.P](Cl) = [[gamma].sub.C](Cl) is called a reduct of Cl and denoted by [RED.sub.Cl(P)].
Subsequently, the tertiary structures of PAPS reduct domain from various YBDN proteins were predicted by both Swiss-Model and Pymol software, and its active sites were predicted through NCBI data.
Starzyk, et al., "A Mathematical Foundation for Improved Reduct Generation in Information Systems," Knowledge and Information Systems, vol.