reduction mammaplasty

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re·duc·tion mam·ma·plas·ty

n. cirugía plástica de reducción del seno, con vista a mejoramiento de la posición y apariencia.
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Wamalwa and Tilman, from the University of Nairobi, have written an informative paper detailing the current concepts of anatomy and technique when performing reduction mammaplasty.
Options for surgical management have included reduction mammaplasty and mastectomy (15).
They outline the fundamentals, including mechanisms of failure and key anatomic features; problems in augmentation mammaplasty, such as deflated saline implants, rupture and gel bleed, implant rotation, infection, and malignancy after augmentation; suboptimal aesthetic outcomes like deformities, ptosis, asymmetries, explantation, and malposition; problems in mastopexy and augmentation-mastopexy, such as compromised skin flaps, nipple malposition, scarring, and flattening or loss of upper pole fullness; and problems in reduction mammaplasty, including ischemia, overresection and underresection of breast tissue, and unsatisfactory shape or contour.
Although considered "cosmetic" in nature, reduction mammaplasty has functional benefits for the majority of women.
In one patient, accessory nerve palsy developed after reduction mammaplasty and abdominoplasty surgery (Case 1).
Thus, patients who are considering bariatric procedures should be encouraged to pursue that operation before proceeding with reduction mammaplasty," according to the new study by ASPS Member Jeffrey A.
Anxiety and subjective quality of life preoperatively and 4 months after reduction mammaplasty," J.
Eighteen healthy women presenting consecutively for medically recommended reduction mammaplasty at an ambulatory surgery practice underwent the same surgical protocol and postoperative care following preoperative randomization (n = 6 each) to one of the three treatment conditions: usual care, 8 adjunctive supportive attention sessions, or 8 adjunctive hypnosis sessions targeting accelerated wound healing.
The results could provide further--uh--support for the reduction mammaplasty business.
Reduction mammaplasty is the removal of excess fatty tissue, glandular tissue and skin from the breast.
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