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Noun1.redundance - the attribute of being superfluous and unneeded; "the use of industrial robots created redundancy among workers"
overplus, plethora, superfluity, embarrassment - extreme excess; "an embarrassment of riches"
fifth wheel, deadwood - someone or something that is unwanted and unneeded
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"too heavy and too viscid blood," rather than "a redundance of black bile"; 2.
Joel Villanueva, on the other hand, said its inclusion in the college curriculum to avoid redundance.
Povzetek: Predstavljena je izboljsava CAPE--paralelno izvajanje, usmerjeno s podporo redundance.
(2015), the polycentricity concept provides opportunities for enhanced learning and experimentation, it enables broader levels of participation, it improves connectivity across governance scales, it creates possibilities for response diversity and builds in redundance that can minimize and correct errors in governance.
The result is redundance by R(a,b) where it is combined with r(a,b) with a=b.
In order to reduce the noise and the redundance contained in each dependence matrix we have applied the Planar Maximally Filtered Graph [2-4, 7].
The fire at Express Linen where workers are now facing redundance
Previous literary attempts at dealing with Viet Nam, according to Kunitz, have "foundered in declamatory indignation or bored us with their redundance" (Casey vii).
The author keeps mentioning the main feature of his character (ambition) --just like in the serial novel--despite the risk of creating an impression of redundance and prolixity.
If the delay time [[tau].sub.d] is too small, the reconstructed attractor is compressed along the identity line, and this is called redundance. If [[tau].sub.d] is too large, the attractor dynamics may become causally disconnected, which is called irrelevance and which may cause the attractor to appear much more complex than it really is [40].
While bawdy onomastic is no novelty for a fool like Whetstone the redundance is unusual, and so is Shakestone's gentlemanly status.