redundancy pay

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redundancy pay(ment)

n (Brit Ind) → Abfindung f, → Abstandszahlung f
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Only one in eight said they received sick pay, two fifths do not get holiday pay and only 7% would receive redundancy pay, it found.
The staff member said workers have been told they could face losing redundancy pay by leaving the company before the Maes-Y-Coed Road centre's closure early next year.
How much statutory redundancy pay will an employee be entitled to?
The workers, all employed via an agency, were given their marching orders on Friday with 24 hours' notice and no redundancy pay - even though some had up to ten years' service.
The NASUWT teachers' union said the dispute at Oldershaw Academy in Wallasey was over both the redundancies and the formula for calculating redundancy pay to those affected.
Betfred disputed this when they closed the Wigan Park call centre, leading to Unite starting a campaign, backed by local MPs, to get their full redundancy pay.
Changes to statutory sick pay, maternity and redundancy pay From April 6 the statutory sick pay rate increases from PS87.
REDUNDANCY PAY To be eligible you must have worked continuously for your employer for two years.
If the company moves ahead with the plan to make workers redundant without redundancy pay the union will take legal action to sue for this money.
Employees who will lose their jobs willA receive redundancy pay and will be assisted in finding a new job.
The cost of this is (a) redundancy pay (b) for those in MOD accommodation re-housing (c) for those not walking into another job benefits (job seekers, housing and council tax allowance) to name but a few.
It is not even as if the airline's overpaid and underworked employees have a right to compensation that is 50 per cent higher than redundancy pay they are entitled to by law.
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