redundancy pay

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redundancy pay(ment)

n (Brit Ind) → Abfindung f, → Abstandszahlung f
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STAFF at soon-to-close Lewis's department store face losing part of their redundancy pay after the company which owns it collapsed into administration yesterday.
SO David Cameron, pictured, thinks MPs who refuse to pay back expenses as requested should have the money taken from their salary or redundancy pay. What redundancy pay?
Is it right that employees in public office receive such high payouts when the ordinary man in the street who has worked for 20 years would receive statutory redundancy pay of just pounds 11,400?
CALL centre bosses have told 400 workers they are being axed without redundancy pay - unless they move to the Philippines.
The former Rolls Royce worker is a leading supporter of the Statutory Redundancy Pay (Amendment) Bill, which has now had its successful second reading in the Commons - a crucial step in the legislative process.
If you've worked for the same company for the past two years continuously, you're entitled to redundancy pay. At present, the legal minimum for redundancy pay is: Half a week's pay for each complete year of service below the age of 22; One week's pay for each year between 22 and 40; One-and-a-half weeks' pay for each year above the age of 41.
UNION leaders welcomed a pounds 20 rise in the amount of weekly earnings counting towards redundancy pay but said the figure should be increased further.
UNION leaders today welcomed a pounds 20 rise in the amount of weekly ear nings counting towards redundancy pay, but said the figure should be increased further.
A worker at Marks & Spencer, who was suspended after "blowing the whistle" on plans to cut redundancy pay to staff, will be told today whether he faces the sack.
If so, the concerns raised by the TUC about the potential slashing of redundancy pay probably did not register on your radar.
You could lose out on redundancy pay if you turn down a suitable job without a good reason.
If I was made redundant, would I still get redundancy pay as I'm entitled to a state pension?
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