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 (rĭ-do͞o′plĭ-kā′shən, -dyo͞o′-)
1. The act of reduplicating or the state of being reduplicated.
2. The product or result of reduplicating.
3. Linguistics
a. A word formed by or containing a reduplicated element.
b. The added element in a word form that is reduplicated.

re·du′pli·ca′tive adj.
re·du′pli·ca′tive·ly adv.
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(Linguistics) in a reduplicative manner
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No longer will they carry sacks to town; They do not wish to bend their backs with weight.] (191-94) These creatures' unnatural unwillingness to serve is then rendered reduplicatively by their condign unnatural physical transformations, from beasts into monsters (224, "transformati sunt quasi monstra").