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Earthenware made from clay containing a large amount of ferrous oxide, giving it a red color.


(Plants) another name for kelp1



a large brown seaweed, Laminaria digitata, common off N Atlantic coasts.
[1700–10; red + dial. ware (Middle English; Old English wār seaweed; see wire)]
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It is made of redware and has a patchy green glaze, which has partly burned into bubbles, indicating that its manufacturing process was not wholly successful.
Most of the non-gray or non-blackware fragments were clearly brown rather than orangey red, therefore it is likely that they correspond to oxidized variants of blackware shapes found in graves, as described by Sinclaire and colleagues (1998; Sinclaire 2004), rather than fragments of the discrete redware style.
22) Michael Strezewski, "'An Exceedingly Industrious Race of People': Investigations at the Harmonist Redware Kiln Site, Posey County, Indiana" (University of Southern Indiana Archaeology Laboratory, Reports of Investigations 13-01, 2013).
Sarah Newstead, for example, shows that Portuguese redware constituted 13-24% of all pottery sherds found at sites of English occupation in Newfoundland, with higher percentages at sites of seasonal occupation and lower at sites of colonial settlement.
The Cup was made between 1895 and 1896 out of redware and measures 2.
Burnished Javanese redware and the lead figurine of headless rider, fine paste ware and glazed ware sherds from Thailand, Vietnamese glazed ceramics, Sri Lankan coins, Indian glass bangles and stone beads, all point to a broad trade network of the fourteenth to sixteenth century Singapore.
Once a year Old Sturbridge Village potters fire 800 freshly glazed redware pots stacked 10 feet high.
Redware, a leading provider of on-line learning, moved to Leamington in August last year, when it outgrew its previous headquarters.
On the same spot have been discovered remnants of redware and coarse grey ware of earlier periods.
The other 199 or so artisans demonstrate crafts such as wood carving, soap making, candle making, basket weaving, and chair making, plus crafts unique to this region: Scherenschnitte (delicate paper cutting done with special scissors), redware pottery (made from red Southeastern Pennsylvania clay rich in iron), and Fraktur (a Pennsylvania German calligraphy used in colorful samplers and signs).
9 km), siendo aquellos con ceramica Redware los que en promedio ocupaban mayor area (pp.
The Redware pieces are part of an eight-piece set which was specially commissioned by Shugborough's Lady Anson and made by Josiah Wedgwood.