redwood family

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Noun1.redwood family - coniferous trees; traditionally considered an independent family though recently included in Cupressaceae in some classification systems
gymnosperm family - a family of gymnosperms
Cupressaceae, cypress family, family Cupressaceae - cypresses and junipers and many cedars
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The Redwood family of companies includes Redwood Multimodal, a non-asset freight brokerage company; Redwood Supply Chain Solutions, a technology-powered freight management company; Redwood Distribution, a warehousing and freight forwarding company; and Freight Exchange, an asset-based full truckload, dry van carrier.
Its majority shareholders are members of the Redwood family, who founded e-know.
George Wimpey's Copperfields development in Boldon has a selection of detached Sycamore and Redwood family homes, both with four bedrooms, three reception rooms and a garage.

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