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1. An earthworm (Eisenia foetida) that lives near the surface of the soil and is commonly used for composting and for bait. Also called brandling, red wiggler.
2. Any of various other reddish earthworms, especially Lumbricus rubellus.
3. See bloodworm.
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Small redworms are the most common gastrointestinal parasites to infect horses, and clinical symptoms include diarrhoea and colic, which can be fatal.
The redworms which Wafula keeps in his Kitale farm.
Redworms and 3-inch softbait worms are effective, too--especially the flavored varieties from Berkley.
* You've probably heard about the voracious appetites of redworms. Visit whatcom.wsu.
Catfish prefer redworms hooked on the treble of the spoon or you can load the treble up with waxworms or spikes.
Club secretary Jess Pugh took first prize with 1lb 1oz of tiny perch using redworms as bait; John Hancock was runner up with 13oz and Brian Rees third with 7oz.
The redworms do a great job and every three months I have new organic compost for my garden.
Further north at Bull Shoals on the White River, the trout fishing has been excellent lately using Power Eggs, redworms and night-crawlers.
The team of Paul Hamlyn, Derek Gladwin, Paul Udell, Richard Taylor, Geoff Valance and Robert Taylor fed positively by balling it with a fishmeal groundbait and topping up with chopped worm, catching fish on the pole with little redworms as hook bait.
The worms in the wormery are Eisenia Fetida, commonly known as tiger worms, redworms or brandlings.