reed instrument

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reed′ in`strument

a wind instrument with a single or double reed, as a saxophone or an oboe.
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Noun1.reed instrument - a musical instrument that sounds by means of a vibrating reedreed instrument - a musical instrument that sounds by means of a vibrating reed
double reed, double-reed instrument - a woodwind that has a pair of joined reeds that vibrate together
free-reed - a reed that does not fit closely over the aperture
single-reed instrument, single-reed woodwind - a beating-reed instrument with a single reed (as a clarinet or saxophone)
woodwind, woodwind instrument, wood - any wind instrument other than the brass instruments
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Shepherds they were, and they charmed their flocks with the traditional shepherd's pipe--a reed instrument that made music as exquisitely infernal as these same Arabs create when they sing.
Solutions in next week's Sunday Mirror ACROSS 1 Dark brown liquid element of the halogen group (7) 4 Root vegetable (7) 7 Guideline (4,2,5) 9 Tiny amount (4) 10 Large organ (5) 11 Lacking manners (4) 14 Old Spanish sailing ship (7) 15 Three-pronged spear (7) 16 Crispy sweet or savoury snack (7) 18 Make believe (7) 20 Back end (4) 21 Perhaps (5) 22 Reed instrument (4) 25 Energy that can give a deadly shock (11) 26 Farmer's vehicle (7) 27 Appall (7) DOWN 1 Thinning on top
They play fiddles, whistles, guitar, bagpipes and a traditional reed instrument from Wales called a pibgorn made from a wooden pipe and the horns of a bull.
HUDDERSFIELD Music Society's second concert of the season demonstrated the 'trio d'anches' - the typically French reed instrument trio of clarinet, oboe and bassoon.
Sanchez was known for his musical talents as a boy, playing a dulzania, a Spanish double reed instrument related to the oboe, Guinness said.
Phil starts in Beijing, China, where he discovers its roots lie in the Sheng, a traditional mouth-blown reed instrument.
The Model ST-615 is manufactured by Reed Instrument Company a leading brand for hand held test and measurement instrumentation and tools.
When Bennett Simpson wrote about "Souls of the Labadie Tract" in Artforum, he likened the combination of the reed instrument and the electronics to a pipe organ.
The concert features mezzo-soprano Sara Parry and Belinda Sykes, who supplies "ethnic vocals" and performs on the mey - a reed instrument used in Turkish folk music.
One of these was the sheng, a mouth-blown reed instrument looking distractingly like a Gothic tower.
His range of instruments include the fujara - a large threehole flute played by Slovakian shepherds, a Chinese reed instrument called a ba-wu, and his famous 74-string electric European chord zither.