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Any of several African antelopes of the genus Redunca, having a gray or brown coat, a short bushy tail, and in the male, short horns that curve forward.

[Translation of Afrikaans rietbok.]


n, pl -bucks or -buck
(Animals) any antelope of the genus Redunca, of Africa south of the Sahara, having a buff-coloured coat and inward-curving horns



n., pl. -bucks, (esp. collectively) -buck.
any of several yellowish African antelopes of the genus Redunca, living near lakes and rivers, the male of which has short, forward-curving horns.
[1825–35; translation of Afrikaans rietbok]
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That's where we enjoyed some horse riding on the grasslands of the high plateaus which are full of wildlife: mountain nyalas, reedbucks, warthogs and plenty of baboons.
They also sighted thousands of tiang (an antelope related to the Topi), Mongalla gazelles, reedbucks (another species of large antelope) and ostriches.
Ten dead animals including seven tiang antelopes and three reedbucks were assembly for public view as the suspects appealed for mercy from the tough-speaking wildlife officials.