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also re-ed·u·cate (rē-ĕj′ə-kāt′)
tr.v. re·ed·u·cat·ed, re·ed·u·cat·ing, re·ed·u·cates also re-ed·u·cat·ed or re-ed·u·cat·ing or re-ed·u·cates
1. To instruct again, especially in order to change someone's behavior or beliefs.
2. To retrain (a person) to function effectively; rehabilitate.

re·ed′u·ca′tion n.
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n. reeducación, enseñanza con entrenamiento para recobrar funciones motoras o mentales.
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An ethnic Kazakh Chinese national whose court testimony helped expose so-called "reeducation camps" in northwestern China has left Kazakhstan after Kazakh officials denied her asylum, RFE/RL reports.
Sources stated that Saudi Arabia government has made this decision after Prime Minister Imran Khan made a request of fee reeducation to Saudi Arabia government during his recently visit to Saudi Arabia.
Instead, thousands of Muslims are currently incarcerated in extrajudicial detention centers and reeducation camps.
Well, the 'culinary reeducation' gambit was too much, too late, so the exotic dish was rejected, as well.
Un atelier de fabrication de corsets pour les malades atteints de scoliose sera ouvert au niveau de l'etablissement specialise en orthopedie et en reeducation fonctionnelle de Misserghine (Oran), a-t-on appris aupres de la direction de cette structure sanitaire.
Two other senior officials have been banished to rural areas for reeducation, the officials added.
Le Souverain a ainsi inaugure un centre de reeducation des personnes handicapees, une salle couverte omnisports et un club sportif, realises dans le cadre de l'INDH pour un montant global de pres de 22 millions de dirhams (MDH).
Your magazine was the first step in my reeducation process.