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also re-ed·u·cate (rē-ĕj′ə-kāt′)
tr.v. re·ed·u·cat·ed, re·ed·u·cat·ing, re·ed·u·cates also re-ed·u·cat·ed or re-ed·u·cat·ing or re-ed·u·cates
1. To instruct again, especially in order to change someone's behavior or beliefs.
2. To retrain (a person) to function effectively; rehabilitate.

re·ed′u·ca′tion n.


n. reeducación, enseñanza con entrenamiento para recobrar funciones motoras o mentales.
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Prior information notice without call for competition:Surveillance and security service in various agencies of the Community of Madrid Agency for the Reeducation and Reintegration of the Offender and in the centers for the execution of judicial measures
Un incendie s'est declenche jeudi 3 aout 2017 en fin de matinee au parking sous-sol de la direction generale des prisons et de la reeducation et du point de vente de la chaine des grandes surfaces " Magasin general " a Tunis.
More to the point, the episode showed how provocative and enlightening some US TV shows have become, especially in the area of 'roots reeducation.
Un atelier de fabrication de corsets pour les malades atteints de scoliose sera ouvert au niveau de l'etablissement specialise en orthopedie et en reeducation fonctionnelle de Misserghine (Oran), a-t-on appris aupres de la direction de cette structure sanitaire.
Two other senior officials have been banished to rural areas for reeducation, the officials added.
Le Souverain a ainsi inaugure un centre de reeducation des personnes handicapees, une salle couverte omnisports et un club sportif, realises dans le cadre de l'INDH pour un montant global de pres de 22 millions de dirhams (MDH).
Big REEDUCATION in PRICE Absentee owner , well run convenience store located in a small strip center with good neighborhood traffic in Northeastern Broward County Florida near the intercostal Waterway.
Your magazine was the first step in my reeducation process.
80 rare medicines among 120 have been provided for patients," Ould Abbes said on sidelines of his participation to a ceremony on the honour of detainees who succeeded in BEM and baccalaureate exams, organized in the reeducation centre of Al Harrach (Algiers).
As the United States continues its efforts to reshape Iraq in its own image, Jennifer Fay's look at the American reeducation of post-WWII Germany is extremely timely.
Two elderly women from Beijing -- Wu Dianyuan, 79, and Wang Xiuying, 77 -- were threatened with a one-year sentence of reeducation through labor after they applied to hold a protest during the Olympics, but the threat was later withdrawn by the authorities.
The reeducation programs sought to give China strength by eliminating aspects of its culture perceived to be weaknesses--but those very aspects may have been a source of China's strength as well.