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reef 1

1. A strip or ridge of rocks, sand, or coral that rises to or near the surface of a body of water.
2. A vein of ore.
3. Chiefly Western US A long craggy ridge or rocky escarpment.

[Obsolete Dutch rif, possibly from Old Norse, ridge.]

reef′y adj.

reef 2

 (rēf) Nautical
A portion of a sail gathered in and secured to lessen the area exposed to the wind.
tr.v. reefed, reef·ing, reefs
1. To reduce the size of (a sail) by gathering in a part and securing it, as by lashing it to a yard.
2. To shorten (a topmast or bowsprit) by taking part of it in.

[Partly from Middle English rif (from Old Norse rif, from rīfa, to rive) and partly from Dutch and Low German reef (Low German, from Dutch), back-formation from Dutch reven, pl. of rif, reef (of a sail), from or akin to Old Norse rif.]


adj, reefier or reefiest
(Physical Geography) with, full of, or having reefs
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Adj.1.reefy - full of submerged reefs or sandbanks or shoals; "reefy shallows"; "shoaly waters"
shallow - lacking physical depth; having little spatial extension downward or inward from an outer surface or backward or outward from a center; "shallow water"; "a shallow dish"; "a shallow cut"; "a shallow closet"; "established a shallow beachhead"; "hit the ball to shallow left field"
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Winesburg had forgotten the old man, but in Doc- tor Reefy there were the seeds of something very fine.
Doctor Reefy was a tall man who had worn one suit of clothes for ten years.
The story of Doctor Reefy and his courtship of the tall dark girl who became his wife and left her money to him is a very curious story.
The girl and Doctor Reefy began their courtship on a summer afternoon.
One by one the mind of Doctor Reefy had made the thoughts.
The tall dark girl came to see Doctor Reefy because she was in the family way and had become fright- ened.
After the tall dark girl came to know Doctor Reefy it seemed to her that she never wanted to leave him again.
Like all old-fashioned country practitioners, Doctor Reefy pulled teeth, and the woman who waited held a handkerchief to her teeth and groaned.
In the fall after the beginning of her acquaintanceship with him she married Doc- tor Reefy and in the following spring she died.
Gamea is also a member of many institutions that operate in this sector, such as Reefy -- Micro Finance Enterprise Services Company and AYADY for Investment and Development.
CI Capital aims to introduce Reefy to its platform of non-banking financial services, which includes financial leasing company Corplease, in which CI Capital holds an 86 percent stake.