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reel 1

1. A device, such as a cylinder, spool, or frame, that turns on an axis and is used for winding and storing rope, tape, film, or other flexible materials.
2. A cylindrical device attached to a fishing rod to let out or wind up the line.
3. The quantity of wire, film, or other material wound on one reel.
4. A set of curved lawnmower blades that rotate around a bar parallel to the ground, cutting grass while moving against a stationary straight blade.
tr.v. reeled, reel·ing, reels
1. To wind on or let out from a reel.
2. To recover by winding on a reel: reel in a large fish.
Phrasal Verb:
reel off
To recite fluently and usually at length: reeled off a long list of names and dates.

[Middle English, from Old English hrēol.]

reel′a·ble adj.

reel 2

v. reeled, reel·ing, reels
1. To be thrown off balance or fall back: reeled from the sharp blow.
2. To stagger, lurch, or sway, as from drunkenness: reeled down the alley.
3. To go round and round in a whirling motion: gulls reeling and diving.
4. To feel dizzy: My head reeled with the facts and figures.
To cause to reel.
1. A staggering, swaying, or whirling movement.
a. A moderately fast dance of Scottish origin.
b. The Virginia reel.
c. The music for one of these dances.

[Middle English relen, to whirl about, probably from reel, spool; see reel1.]

reel′er n.

reel 3

n. Maine
A handheld hammer used in a quarry for shaping granite blocks.

[Origin unknown.]
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Noun1.reeler - someone who walks unsteadily as if about to fallreeler - someone who walks unsteadily as if about to fall
pedestrian, footer, walker - a person who travels by foot
2.reeler - a dancer of reels
folk dancer - someone who does folk dances
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It means the berries, already loosened off their woody vines by a machine called a reeler, will float high enough over the plants to be easily corralled.
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