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also re-en·act (rē′ĕn-ăkt′, -ə-năkt′)
tr.v. re·en·act·ed, re·en·act·ing, re·en·acts also re-en·act·ed or re-en·act·ing or re-en·acts
1. To enact again: reenact a law.
a. To perform again: reenacted the dancer's movements.
b. To act out or re-create dramatically (a historical event, for example): reenact a famous trial.

re′en·act′ment n.
re′en·ac′tor n.
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Noun1.reenactment - performing a role in an event that occurred at an earlier time; "the reenactment of the battle of Princeton"
acting, performing, playacting, playing - the performance of a part or role in a drama
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ORGANISERS of a big battle reenactment event have provided pictures showing how the 'mystery' smoke screen above the M62 was formed.
The reenactment took place on the College Green, delighting visitors with an array of sounds, smells and sights from a bygone era.
PANATA' - Bob Velez (right), who has been portraying Christ in the reenactment of the crucifixion for 36 years, and Ruben Enaje show the nails that will be used to nail their hands and feet to crosses on Good Friday in San Fernando, Pampanga for Enaje and in Itogon for Velez.
The day will culminate with a reenactment of British magistrates "Walking the Gauntlet'' after the 4,622 militiamen from 37 towns successfully closed the old courthouse.
PALO -- Eighteen-year-old Jay Gatela had to literally climb a mountain, spend a few hours in a cemetery and pay for his own costume to play a minor role in the reenactment of Jesus Christ's suffering and death.
Reducing reenactment to iconography turns reenactors into icons themselves, and essentially robs them of attempts to either illustrate other valued aspects of a historical party's image or the ability to address the complexities of the age in which he or she first appeared.
The tears of shell-shocked children attest to the fact that the violent deeds of the past remain visceral, immediate and reprehensible even when "acted," and that Indonesia's bloody history is present both in the reenactment and in the living men carrying it out.
Dressed in SS uniforms and surrounded by Nazi flags, members of a World War II reenactment group attended a Third Reich-themed Christmas dinner last December at a Minneapolis restaurant, City Pages reported.
Mr Joll revealed that the reenactment would include a large model of the U-559 rising from the floor at Earls Court.
Largest WWII reenactment in the United States, featuring mock battles from European and Pacific theaters, German cavalry scenes, and base camps.
The battle will be staged at this summer's 150th anniversary Gettysburg National Civil War battle reenactment that stretches over four days from July 4 - 7.
The reenactment of the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri took place on Tuesday at the Captieux military base near the French city of Bordeaux by the UN Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL), the leftist daily AS SAFIR reported Wednesday.