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also re-en·act (rē′ĕn-ăkt′, -ə-năkt′)
tr.v. re·en·act·ed, re·en·act·ing, re·en·acts also re-en·act·ed or re-en·act·ing or re-en·acts
1. To enact again: reenact a law.
a. To perform again: reenacted the dancer's movements.
b. To act out or re-create dramatically (a historical event, for example): reenact a famous trial.

re′en·act′ment n.
re′en·ac′tor n.
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Noun1.reenactor - a person who enacts a role in an event that occurred earlier
actor, histrion, thespian, role player, player - a theatrical performer
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com)-- On November 28, the Former President Theodore Roosevelt, in the form of Joe Wigand, a well known Theodore Roosevelt reenactor visited The PLATO Society of Los Angeles, 1083 Gayley Avenue, in Westwood, Los Angeles, CA.
Such obsession with period authenticity is common in the reenactor community, where conversations veer from the physics of musket balls (they arc) to the fact that colonial women's dresses were secured with pins, not buttons, to accommodate pregnancy.
The women in the group, including my wife and daughter, wear period clothing and give cooking demonstrations during reenactor events.
The agreement is set be signed on September 26 and put to a national referendum on October 2 | A Battle of Hastings reenactor before setting off on a 300-mile march to Hastings from Clifford's Tower in York, echoing the journey King Harold made to fight in the Battle of Hastings, to mark the 950th anniversary of the day Harold fought William of Normandy in one of the most important battles in English history | A firefighting boat works to extinguish a fire aboard the tanker Burgos about seven nautical miles off the coast of the port city of Boca del Rio, Mexico.
Grandparents Anthony Adams, 73, and his wife Pamela, 70, from Newport; Michael Barton, 67, and his daughter Maggie, 30, from Windsor, Berkshire; battle reenactor Malcolm Beacham, 46, from Woolavington, Somerset; lorry drivers Terry Brice, 55, from South Gloucestershire; and Kye Thomas, 38, from Cornwall, all died.
24) Multiple variables influence storytelling, narrativity, and the relationship between reenactor and reenactment, the connection between the two being at the center of our discussion.
As a former Civil War reenactor, I find the historical items especially enlightening.
THE EDITION OF CURRENT Books devoted to the best Civil War books [Summer '11] is excellent (and I say this as a sometime Civil War reenactor, with more than a passing interest in the subject).
An enthusiastic historical reenactor, the pensioner was once snapped showing off his collection to the late Hollywood legend and gun enthusiast Charlton Heston.
Another young reenactor, Andy Ennis, nine, of Pennsylvania, is practicing his drum skills.
National award-winning photographer and Civil War reenactor Stephen M.