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also re-en·ter (rē-ĕn′tər)
v. re·en·tered, re·en·ter·ing, re·en·ters also re-en·tered or re-en·ter·ing or re-en·ters
1. To enter or come in to again.
2. To record again on a list or ledger.
3. To become again a participant, member, or part of: reenter civilian life after military service.
To enter again.

re·en′trance n.


(riˈɛn tər)

1. to enter again.
2. to participate in once more: to reenter politics.
3. to record again, as in a list or account.
4. to enter again.
References in classic literature ?
When, after a little while more, he should deem it time to reenter his parlor, his wife would clap her hands for joy, on beholding the middle-aged Mr.
To my gratification he told me that I could reenter the institution, and that he would trust me to pay the debt when I could.
It took a dozen attempts on the part of the thoroughly frightened blacks to reenter their village, past the horrible, grinning face of their dead fellow, and when they found the food and arrows gone they knew, what they had only too well feared, that Mirando had seen the evil spirit of the jungle.
She heard Billy reenter the kitchen, move about, and knew he was sweeping up the broken glass of the kitchen door.
Foxconn Technology is likely to help its Japanese affiliate Sharp Corporation to reenter the personal computer business by buying Toshiba's ailing PC division, the Nikkei Asian Review reported.
Foreign nationals who plan to travel abroad during the upcoming holiday season should make sure that they have the requisite immigration documents and instructions before they depart and reenter the United States.
I came to know that to reenter Oman, we need an NOC from the previous sponsor.
During the observation period, mine personnel will be working with MSHA on a plan for the workforce to reenter the mine.
A police officer and a passport official have been charged with collecting bribes to help deported individuals reenter the country.
Heiner Klinkrad, Head of ESA's Space Debris Office, said that the one-tonne GOCE satellite is only a small fraction of the 100-150 tonnes of man-made space objects that reenter Earth's atmosphere annually.
WASHINGTON -- The availability of part time work and flexible scheduling could entice older and inactive physicians to reenter the workforce, a recent survey found.