also re-en·ter (rē-ĕn′tər)
v. re·en·tered, re·en·ter·ing, re·en·ters also re-en·tered or re-en·ter·ing or re-en·ters
1. To enter or come in to again.
2. To record again on a list or ledger.
3. To become again a participant, member, or part of: reenter civilian life after military service.
To enter again.

re·en′trance n.
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References in classic literature ?
Reentering his domicile, late in the evening, three days after Madame de Bellegarde had made her bargain with him--the expression is sufficiently correct--touching the entertainment at which she was to present him to the world, he found on his table a card of goodly dimensions bearing an announcement that this lady would be at home on the 27th of the month, at ten o'clock in the evening.
Tomas' weakens anew hours after reentering PAR !-- -- ( - November 26, 2018 - 12:16pm MANILA, Philippines Severe tropical storm Tomas (international name: Man-yi) further weakened while moving over the Philippine Sea, state weather bureau PAGASA said late Monday morning.
BT said it signed up 100,000 mobile phone customers in the three months since reentering the market as it posted a rise in quarterly profits.
The subcommittee has more than 30 active members--all federal staff who are committed to improving outcomes for justice-involved women who are reentering the community.
They also suggested that the soot observed in the debris layer actually originated from the impact site itself, not from widespread fires caused by reentering ejecta.
Caption: The Long Island Real Estate Group honored members of its reentering panel at a June 22 cocktail party at the Old Westbury Country Club.
However, he cautioned that reentering physicians will need support from employers and medical societies, given that 38% of them have not practiced medicine in 5-10 years, and 24% haven't practiced in longer than 10.
citizens reentering the country from destinations such as Canada and Mexico to show passports.
When installed correctly, the mass responds to the deceleration of a spacecraft reentering Earth's atmosphere, and the action compresses the spring and closes an electronic circuit.
The Philippines' food and beverage conglomerate San Miguel Corporation has announced that it is reentering ice cream business after a five-year absence.