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also re-en·ter (rē-ĕn′tər)
v. re·en·tered, re·en·ter·ing, re·en·ters also re-en·tered or re-en·ter·ing or re-en·ters
1. To enter or come in to again.
2. To record again on a list or ledger.
3. To become again a participant, member, or part of: reenter civilian life after military service.
To enter again.

re·en′trance n.
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Under the park's proposal, the entrance fee to the reconstructed stockade site would change from $5 to $7 in January 2018 for an individual, and would remain valid for reentrance for seven days.
However, the setbacks produced by the 2010 earthquake, and the ensuing reentrance of the United States as an effective manager of the relief and reconstruction operations, tarnished the success of the Brazilian-led mission.
This pressure has intensified over the past two years with the entrance of Kenyan military forces and the reentrance of Ethiopian troops into the fight, also supported by allied Somali militiamen.
This version contains almost all the necessary information for a basic performance of the dumb show as written in Q2 (or in the Folio)--the reentrance of Lucianus is missing.
For a veteran who is overwhelmed by the reentrance process, collaboratively creating smaller steps leading into the big picture may decrease the anxiety that accompanies this overwhelmed state (Valach & Young, 2002).
The topic of reentrance of deported aliens first appeared in a 1929 act that addressed penalties for a specified class of aliens who entered the United States.
These tests are done after the rehabilitation of the athlete, and before their reentrance to the competition and practice.
A must be considered up to the last measure before the reentrance of the principal theme, as the leading-note of B-major; and F, for the as E# Thus the principal theme properly re-enters in the ideal (in contradiction to the written) key of "A major.
Acts of rereading, for James, provide the occasion not only for contended self-appraisal; they furnish a more pragmatic reentrance into the original creative moment.
Here, the concept of property makes its dramatic reentrance, for "law and economics scholars note that the payoffs from property are very strongly associated with scarcity.
If you are a veteran you can apply by using VA Form 28-1905: Authorization and Certificate of Entrance or Reentrance into Rehabilitation and Certification of Status.