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also re-en·ter (rē-ĕn′tər)
v. re·en·tered, re·en·ter·ing, re·en·ters also re-en·tered or re-en·ter·ing or re-en·ters
1. To enter or come in to again.
2. To record again on a list or ledger.
3. To become again a participant, member, or part of: reenter civilian life after military service.
To enter again.

re·en′trance n.
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Further, the [lambda]-line displays reentrance. A portion of the second-order transition line is masked by a first-order transition line.
In any normal context, this statistic would be heralded unquestionably as good news--showing the work ethic and moxie of Hoosiers, as our pace of reentrance into the workforce has been impressive.
Jenny's isolation prior to her reentrance into the plot of radical politics becomes especially visible in her recollection of her time in upstate New York.
There, he includes a section with the subheading "Stele," which is the general term for a slab of stone used for commemorative purposes, but one should also keep in mind that, as Maeera Shreiber has noted in her commentary on this poem, "according to Jewish custom, one year after the death, the headstone is unveiled and set into place," marking the official reentrance of those who have been mourning into the life of the community, a reentrance that, Shreiber emphasizes, never seems to take place in Reznikoffs "Kaddish." (23) In giving this section the heading "Stele," he throws up a memorial to his mother as she appeared in her final days, but it is a memorial that lets us see both dignity and what the poet takes to be the indignities of twentieth-century, medicalized scenes of dying.
Furthermore, Li and Fung [24] proposed an MIP approach for the single robot multidegree cyclic scheduling with reentrance.
However, the setbacks produced by the 2010 earthquake, and the ensuing reentrance of the United States as an effective manager of the relief and reconstruction operations, tarnished the success of the Brazilian-led mission.
This pressure has intensified over the past two years with the entrance of Kenyan military forces and the reentrance of Ethiopian troops into the fight, also supported by allied Somali militiamen.
(F3r) This version contains almost all the necessary information for a basic performance of the dumb show as written in Q2 (or in the Folio)--the reentrance of Lucianus is missing.
Cooperative scheduling avoids the reentrance problems faced by preemptive scheduling.
The topic of reentrance of deported aliens first appeared in a 1929 act that addressed penalties for a specified class of aliens who entered the United States.