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Noun1.reevaluation - the evaluation of something a second time (or more)
rating, valuation, evaluation - an appraisal of the value of something; "he set a high valuation on friendship"
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Another new rule that may require a reevaluation of transactions in progress is the "substantiality" test, which is part of the new definition of an active trade or business.
Students with disabilities, recognized under Public Law 94-142, who are enrolled in special education are required to have a psychological reevaluation within a three-year or less time period (USDHEW, 1977).
If, after roughly six weeks, nonspecific low back pain hasn't resolved and the employee hasn't returned to work, a comprehensive reevaluation should be performed to be sure that the problem was properly identified and that efforts at reactivation have been instituted effectively.
A reevaluation indicates that gray iron shipments are down to 60,000 tons per year compared to 100,000 tons eight years ago.
S'exprimant en marge d'une visite de travail consacree a des chantiers de realisation d'infrastructures sanitaires et des finances au chef-lieu de wilaya, a la ville Ali Mendjeli et dans le commune d'El Khroub, le wali a indique que cette rencontre d'urgence devant reunir tous les intervenants charges de ce projet, devra etre soldee par la [beaucoup moins que] resolution des contraintes emises par l'entreprise de realisation en matiere de reevaluation notamment [beaucoup plus grand que].
Because bifenthrin was registered in late 1985, it's not scheduled for such a reevaluation. In a statement to Science News, however, EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) notes that this pesticide's manifestation of "certain toxic properties at the level of detection [makes it] challenging for the agency to determine whether risks from the use of this pesticide are acceptable."
Now a reevaluation of data from seven international longitudinal studies involving 1,333 children confirms this suspicion [EHP 113:894-899].
The impetus for this reevaluation has come not just internally from the information technology department, executive suite and board, but from government oversight organizations as well.
The latter part of the twentieth century saw a reevaluation of seventeenth-century Baroque Spanish poet Luis de Gongora's Soledades in terms of theme, content, and cultural context.
The first section outlines requirements that an institution's court reporter education program shall satisfy: eligibility; initial application procedures; reevaluation procedures; annual report procedures; major changes; fee schedule; CASE actions; appeals procedures; and complaint procedures.
Going on to question this early formalist approach, a move that evoked Ludwig Wittgenstein's reevaluation in Philosophical Investigations of the logical positivism of Tractatus, he created a subjective, associative language of architecture using what he called masques.