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Noun1.reevaluation - the evaluation of something a second time (or more)
rating, valuation, evaluation - an appraisal of the value of something; "he set a high valuation on friendship"
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Banks should ensure that decisions to terminate foreign correspondent account relationships resulting from risk reevaluation are based on analysis of the risks presented by individual foreign correspondent account relationships and the banks ability to manage those risks.
S'exprimant en marge d'une visite de travail consacree a des chantiers de realisation d'infrastructures sanitaires et des finances au chef-lieu de wilaya, a la ville Ali Mendjeli et dans le commune d'El Khroub, le wali a indique que cette rencontre d'urgence devant reunir tous les intervenants charges de ce projet, devra etre soldee par la [beaucoup moins que] resolution des contraintes emises par l'entreprise de realisation en matiere de reevaluation notamment [beaucoup plus grand que].
The ministry stated that after the reevaluation process, the differences in marks were taken care of, which was due to the marking of the essay questions.
The mean age at the time of reevaluation differed amongst the groups; however the nonobstructive CAD patients tended to be older at time of reevaluation (mean age 58.
The Finance Ministry finalised on Sunday its reevaluation of 48.
The statute required that every property be reappraised to determine its taxable value during a year in which reevaluation is permitted, and only in such years.
13 for 2011 on extending a previous decree on reevaluation of real estate properties and conversion of companies.
Under the laws, amount of taxes, fees and fines are envisioned to rise in the ratio of reevaluation each year.
After the reevaluation was complete, the VA again made award to eTrans for those two locations.
Under the Mississippi Insurance Department reevaluation program, there were no arbiters.
404/76 allows companies to assess their assets at market value, calling this procedure reevaluation; this, however, should not be confused with monetary correction, as in reevaluation the company uses the market value of its assets to value them, while monetary correction represents the updating of values based on an economic index.
Outdated and overly complex space planning standards for workstations and offices; lack of provision for flexibility to respond to change without disruption or major cost; high workstation panels and many individual offices that can deter teamwork; lack of daylight for those in workstations, due to perimeter offices and high panels; procurement methods for design services based on low bid or turnkey packages; product procurement based on single, outmoded or inappropriate sources, limiting creativity of solution, competitive bidding, and aesthetic considerations; program development based on status quo, limiting creative thinking about functional needs or reevaluation of methods of working.