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Noun1.refabrication - assembling again
reconstruction - the activity of constructing something again
anastylosis - the archeological reassembly of ruined monuments from fallen or decayed fragments (incorporating new materials when necessary)
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Saeed Elahi thanked the Government of Japan for donating ambulances to the PRCS and bearing expenses on their upgradation, refabrication, and transportation.
From 1700, the building of country seats--construction from scratch, or refabrication and extension of now unfashionable Elizabethan manor houses--became an occupation of national importance for the aristocracy and upwardly mobile members of the gentry, to the extent that more than 150 great houses were built before 1740.
This could cause further delays beyond the refabrication and increase the likelihood of consequential loss of business.
Not merely publicity, the standard was a refabrication of a flag used in a carnivalesque happening over fifty years ago.
Often, lack of knowledge about the interaction between CF AFO material properties, orthosis design, and patient-specific characteristics prevent some patients from experiencing the full benefits of the power restoration potential without design modifications requiring refabrication. In order to reduce the CF AFO refabrication rate and optimize user performance, both computational modeling and validation with experimental testing are needed to allow orthotists and researchers to design and optimally fabricate proper CF AFOs for their patients.
Denim, employed with refabrication and deconstruction techniques, also made its way on the elliptical stage as opened by young star Sam Concepcion in a look that harked back to 90s.
(The exhibition copies were to be destroyed after the show, although this protocol was not always followed.) Morris also approved refabrication of works that had disappeared.
As I worked to establish what we would be showing in 2011--would it be a refabrication or a refurbishment of something existing?--it became clear that some of Haacke's early works existed as unnumbered multiples.
Our examples of the Lucians, Gens Anglaises, or the refabrication of King Arthur's subjectivities in relation to community and state generally were indeed all instances of the complexity of the operation of the imaginary of freedom in the region, negotiating the contradictions of lives mapped in an un-homely present through complex entanglements with modern power relations and its cultures of power.
"After finding out about the refabrication from a review, Andre