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tr.v. re·fect·ed, re·fect·ing, re·fects Archaic
To refresh with food and drink.

[Latin reficere, refect-, to refresh : re-, re- + facere, to make; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.]
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vb (tr)
archaic to restore or refresh (someone or yourself) with food or drink
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v.t. Archaic.
to refresh, esp. with food or drink.
[1425–75; < Latin refectus, past participle of reficere to make again, renew =re- re- + -ficere, comb. form of facere to make, do1]
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The lecture series is intended to stimulate transregional and interdisciplinary dialogue, refecting the international nature of research.
Dividend payments to the Kingdom amounted to $46.4 billion in the first half of 2019, including a "special dividend" of $20 billion "refecting the exceptionally strong financial performance the company delivered in 2018."
Refecting their language ideologies, "people in the context of everyday language use or 'praxis' reify, reproduce, and sustain hegemonic relations, in particular the supremacy of so-called standard languages in relation to other 'dialects' and variations" (Razfar, 2012, p.
It's almost entirely character-driven, with plot far less important than dialogue, refecting Beattie's keen ear for not only what is said but also what is left unsaid, often with tragic consequences.
(6) Effective rate (in the primary market) on conventional mortgages, refecting fees and charges as well as contract rate and assumed, on the average, repayment at end of 10 years.
Per- and postoperative findings Per- and postoperative findings n Operation time (min) Mean (range) 124 (80-245) Approach Colon refecting 108 (93.1%) Transmesocolic 8 (6.9%) Technique Dismembered 105 (90.5%) Y-V plasty 11 (9.5%) Bleeding (mL) Mean (range) 38 (22-53) HCT level (postoperative) Mean (range) 37.8 (26-43) Creatinine level (postoperative) Mean (range) 0.93 (0.5-1.3) Peroperative complications according to Satava classifcation 1 (0.8%) Grade 3 1 (0.8%) Postoperative complications according to 10 (8.6%) Clavien classifcation Grade 1 2 (1.7%) Grade 2 7 (6.0%) Grade 3 1 (0.8%) Hospitalization time (days) Mean (range) 3.05 (2-11) Results Succeed 108/116 (93.1%) Recurrence 8/116 (6.9%) Follow-up (months) Mean (range) 44 (12-120) HCT: Hematocrit Table 3.
The positive effect of the higher plants prior to transplanting was also verified in yellow passion fruit, refecting the formation of more developed plants in the field (Verdial et al., 2000) and higher fruit yields (Zaccheo et al., 2013).
This finding might be refecting the improvement of Treg cell functions of the patients after vitamin D replacement.
The TGA result clearly showed a sharp change in the mass drop rate, presumably caused refecting volatiles content evaporation of the deposit.
Refecting on the last two decades, chief executive Maggie O'Carroll, said: "When I moved to Liverpool the level of unemployment among women was shocking.
That missile has now been canceled, refecting both budget cuts and its limited ability to intercept speeding, high-flying ICBMs.