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1. Refreshment with food and drink.
2. A light meal or repast.
3. Reingestion of fecal material to obtain nutrients, as is practiced by rabbits and rats.


refreshment with food and drink
[C14: from Latin refectiō a restoring, from reficere to remake, from re- + facere to make]


(rɪˈfɛk ʃən)

1. the act of being refreshed, esp. with food or drink.
2. a portion of food or drink; repast.
[1300–50; Middle English refeccioun < Latin refectiō restoration =refec-, variant s. of reficere (see refect) + -tiō -tion]
re•fec′tive, adj.
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Noun1.refection - a light meal or repast
meal, repast - the food served and eaten at one time
References in classic literature ?
Wilfer himself, preparing to take a slight refection.
On approaching nearer, Bella discerned that the refection had the appearance of a small cottage-loaf and a pennyworth of milk.
The Abbot, himself of ancient Saxon descent, received the noble Saxons with the profuse and exuberant hospitality of their nation, wherein they indulged to a late, or rather an early hour; nor did they take leave of their reverend host the next morning until they had shared with him a sumptuous refection.
That tickled the lads immensely, and nothing but the appearance of a slight refection would have induced them to stop chaffing the poor Worm, who could not see anything funny in the beautiful resignation he had shown on this trying occasion.
The hoarse messenger, uncomfortably seated on a form after taking that refection, had dropped into a doze, when a loud murmur and a rapid tide of people setting up the stairs that led to the court, carried him along with them.
You will see that he hath refection, and such a purse of gold as may defray his charges, for indeed it is great honor to any court to have within it so noble and gentle a cavalier.
This refection of oysters was not presided over by Affery, but by the girl who had appeared when the bell was rung; the same who had been in the dimly-lighted room last night.
They eat, they drink, and with refection sweet Are fill'd, before th' all bounteous King, who showrd With copious hand, rejoycing in thir joy.
Her prolonged immobility disturbed the comfort of his refection.
He had now some difficulty in finding the chief magistrate, and ended by learning that he was in the tea-room, a small apartment devoted to light refection near the entrance of the house.
Contract notice: translation errorlandscaping of the military square and refection of both allees
He apologised "unreservedly" for the comment in a podcast last month, adding it was "no refection on how I truly feel".