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tr.v. re·fect·ed, re·fect·ing, re·fects Archaic
To refresh with food and drink.

[Latin reficere, refect-, to refresh : re-, re- + facere, to make; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.]
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vb (tr)
archaic to restore or refresh (someone or yourself) with food or drink
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v.t. Archaic.
to refresh, esp. with food or drink.
[1425–75; < Latin refectus, past participle of reficere to make again, renew =re- re- + -ficere, comb. form of facere to make, do1]
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This dividend refects an annual rate of 2.81% based on the company's common stock closing price on 18 January 2019 and it has about 20,196,026 outstanding common shares.
Doctrine captures the lessons of past wars, refects the nature of war and conflict in its own time, and antcipates the intellectual and technological developments that will bring victory now and in the future." (6)
Grosmont refects the world of 1952 and the British Railway era.
A right aortic arch refects persistence of the right fourth embryonic arch.
Wada is manager of a space that perhaps best refects the new face of Kamikatsu - Rise & Win Brewing Co BBQ and General Store, home to a craft brewery, shop and restaurant.
As a result of the phenological stages, changes in the form, physiology, chemical composition and resistance to pathogens and stresses occur, which refects on mass accumulation (Kudo et al., 2008; Khan et al., 2010).
(3) Chained consumer price index (C-CPI-U) refects the effect of substitution that consumers make across item categories in response to changes in relative prices.
In 5th place, French shipping company Geodis refects the acquisition of OHL, which ranked 7th last year.
This reduction refects the greater increase in pressure and temperature during the compression stroke with CR = 16:1.
This gives an acceptable compromise between large enough trapped mass for good accuracy, and short enough interval so that the data refects blow out of the top of the layer.