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That was how the Sunday SUN put it, and a clever and remarkably prompt "handbook" article in the REFEREE compared the affair to a menagerie suddenly let loose in a village.
He said he knew the sort of place I meant; where everybody went to bed at eight o'clock, and you couldn't get a REFEREE for love or money, and had to walk ten miles to get your baccy.
His words were interrupted by the keeper of The Towers whose duty it was not only to announce the games and the stakes, but to act as referee as well.
I'm not casting reflections on the referee, or the present company.
In this abstruse pursuit; in making an account for Peggotty, of all the property into which she had come; in arranging all the affairs in an orderly manner; and in being her referee and adviser on every point, to our joint delight; I passed the week before the funeral.
I rather guess ‘twill be left out to men,” added Hiram, with an air equally balanced between doubt and assurance, but which judge Temple understood to mean certainty; “I some think that I am appointed a referee in the case myself; Jotham as much as told me that he should take me.
Frustrated in the struggle to get the crowd back, the referee fired his revolver in the air, and the tug-of-war was on.
Maternal societies for confining poor women; Magdalen societies for rescuing poor women; strong-minded societies for putting poor women into poor men's places, and leaving the men to shift for themselves;-- he was vice-president, manager, referee to them all.
Beverley could almost hear the voice of the referee uttering the count.
Terry O'Sullivan was now in the hands of the Board of Rules and Social Referees.
Were they referees appointed to act at the coming race?
Well, in my youth, I played the game whole court with just one referee officiating.