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Noun1.reference grid - a pattern of horizontal and vertical lines that provide coordinates for locating points on an image or a map
grid - a pattern of regularly spaced horizontal and vertical lines
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Users then calculated the score for each criterion based on the reference grid manually.
Measurements relative to each cell of the reference grid were grouped by cephalic index and sex and descriptive statistics were calculated for each group.
The Department of Research and Planning of the Massachusetts Trial Court on behalf of the Massachusetts Court Improvement Program (hereinafter referred to as MassCIP and Trial Court respectively) is soliciting written sealed proposals from interested parties to produce a grant-funded resource guide and a quick reference grid on federal and state information sharing and confidentiality laws pertaining to children, youth, and families in the court%s jurisdiction for dependency matters.
A relationship is developed to get the change in percentage in terms of a parameter "[psi]" based on the reference grid at 9 x 9 grid size used by [12].
Individuals dealing with power grounding at this level will still need to refer to appropriate codes and, as Giddings mentions, he does not cover signal reference grid (SRG).
A baseline condition was included; a visual reporting reference grid was positioned above the unseen arms which not only allowed position estimates to be made with respect to a known reference frame rather than through subjective reporting, but also allowed sagittal and medio-lateral positions to be recorded.
The result will be a much stronger, more precise, reference grid.
However, the GPs provided a common reference grid utilized to transfer navigation-alignment parameters from the appropriately equipped launch aircraft, initializing the inertial-guidance system within munitions.
Investigations into the shape and volume of transtibial prosthetic sockets are notoriously complicated because of the difficulty in establishing an accurate reference grid for inter- and intrasocket comparisons and evidence-based outcome measurements.
Because they operate using a common reference grid, the bombs in essence "know" where they are and where the target is, regardless of weather.
Modern technologies such as GPS (Global Positioning Systems) offer the opportunity to achieve significantly greater precision when their reference grid systems of notations are fully understood.
His suggestion that we print a reference grid over the pictures to make it easier for readers to check the answer the following week was a good one - but one which would put an unnecessary burden on our team of page designers.

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