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Noun1.reference manual - a manual containing information organized in a summary manner
manual - a small handbook
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Art lover Sandy Robb stumbled across drawings in the Illustrator's Figure Reference Manual that looked very similar to a number of works by the 67-year-old.
Analog Photography: Reference Manual for Shooting Film
Sugar Land, TX, May 23, 2018 --( ANB Systems, Inc., a leader in energy efficiency tracking systems, published an electronic version of the Technical Reference Manual (TRM) for the State of Illinois in eTRM in its pursuit to provide a central repository of all published TRMs.
The Bridge Inspector's Reference Manual (FHWA NHI 12-049) (BIRM) typically is contained in two three-ring binders and explains just about everything a bridge inspector needs to know about implementation of the national bridge inspection standards, the duties of a bridge inspection team, basic bridge terminology, and how to perform inspections.
This fundamental training and reference manual is for professionals who help protect those who use aquatic venues, including operators, health officials, service technicians, retailers, property managers, and manufacturers.
This small, portable reference manual from Holmes summarizes the use of Windows PowerShell 3.0.
The second book provides an anatomical reference manual of such beasts.
It also provides toxicologists, new clinicians and regulatory professionals with a comprehensive reference manual on the practical aspects of preclinical work.
It is aimed to serve as a guide and reference manual for all hotel owners and investors in the hospitality industry.
Summary: The UAE is the first country to sponsor the release of an international reference manual for district cooling (DC) and heating design.