reference mark

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ref′erence mark`

any of various symbols, as an asterisk (*), dagger (†), or superscript number, used to direct a reader to further information in a footnote, bibliography, or other text.
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The software of simulation of the relative localization gives us coordinates (x and y) in the absolute reference mark after count of the model of evolution of the robot.
To my consternation, even though the Audio-Technica has the smallest cantilever, it provides absolutely no reference mark as to where it is located.
"Based on our forecast, 2007 is poised to be the third consecutive yearin which the advertising sector more closely tracks growth in real [gross domestic product] as opposed to its historical reference mark of nominal GDP, said Steven Fredericks, president and chief executive of TNS.
It is also interesting to note that the average inflation rate in the eurozone over the past twelve months (2.3%) is till above 2% (the European Central Bank's reference mark).
states "Place reference mark completely around and directly next to both couplings on fire hose(s) with a felt tip marker." This reference mark is used to check the hose for creep (where the hose pulls out from the coupling).
"The ethical code must become a reference mark, so that everyone understands the same things."
REFERENCE Mark Perch's problem with his Ford Explorer on the Central Six car park in Coventry ("It's Spoo-key: Motorist Mark floored as his vehicle shuts down by itself", Evening Telegraph, March 12)
Thus, that number became our reference mark, and both of the top two bids were compared against it.
* An IN-TRAC" auto-phase optical reference mark to provide a bidirectionally repeatable datum point across the entire speed and temperature range (over 12 M/sec.
Finally, I added a reference mark to one of the hinge blocks to ensure that the pole assembly always mates with the mirror box and secondary cage the same way.
Meetings with Misters Harvey Goldschmid (Commissioner, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Bill Mcdonough (Flesh, Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), Senator Richard Shelby (R-Alabama, Flesh, Senate Banking Committee), Reference mark Barney Frank (D-Massachusetts, Ranking Member, House Financial Committee Services); Federal Reserve Board chairman + vice-chairman, Alan Greenspan and Roger Ferguson.
Reportedly the smallest optical encoder kit available, the x 6 x 4 mm PCB mount device has 3-channel output, which includes a reference mark and broad output tolerances for automated assembly.