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tr.v. re·flagged, re·flag·ging, re·flags
To give a new registered nationality to (a ship or aircraft).


vb (tr)
(Nautical Terms) to change the national flag of or change the registered nationality of (a ship, aircraft, etc), for example for military protection, or to avoid certain rules


v.t. -flagged, -flag•ging.
to register (a foreign ship) so that it flies the flag of the registering nation and thereby comes under the latter's protection.
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Prior to joining Shangri-La, she was director of sales & marketing for the pre-opening for One & Only Seef Bahrain ( now reflagged as a Jumeirah property ).
A source first informed about Ocean Spey operating at the Kinsale Gas Field, and has now confirmed the standby supply support vessel will be reflagged under the Irish tricolour having been bought by Mainport Group.
The former Clarion Suites, which has been reflagged as an independent property, Hotel 504 New Orleans, is situated on Canal Street by the French Quarter and in walking distance to Tulane University and Medical Center, the new BioDistrict, the Mercedes Superdome and many of the city's vibrant cultural and culinary destinations and venues.
The Mavi Marmara was deliberately reflagged several days before she set sail," said Nick Kaufman, an Israeli lawyer who represents clients before the ICC.
The majority of the properties will be reflagged to MHG's upscale Avani brand and takes the total number of MHG properties in operation to 118 in 19 countries.
The resort will continue to operate as Le Touessrok until it is renovated and then reflagged, added the statement.
Excluding the four reflagged hotels and two hotels in Alexandria, VA that experienced management changes during the second quarter, RevPAR declined 0.
Ravella Ravella at Lake Las Vegas is Reflagged as a Hilton .
The hotel reflagged and lost the marching mallards last week.
The Dutch-owned 9,500-tonne FV Margiris, recently reflagged as the Abel Tasman, is currently docked at Port Lincoln in South Australia and was preparing to set sail.
Hilton Hotels Hilton Hotels Opens Reflagged Property in Albany, N.
Reflagged as a Hilton in 2009, this hotel-features a heliport, its own convention center and a penthouse executive lounge.