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, reflexogenous
n. reflexógeno, agente que causa un reflejo.
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In spinal cord injured patients, psychogenic and reflexogenic erections are often disturbed despite normal vascular and anatomic functions (14).
To achieve erections, reflexogenic and psychogenic phenomenon are necessary, and if any of these is deficit, it can cause impotence.
Curnis et al., "Parapharyngeal space lesions syncope-syndrome a newly proposed reflexogenic cardiovascular syndrome," European Heart Journal, vol.
(9-12) However, causes of intraoperative erection during general anaesthesia are not very clear, but appear to be reflexogenic and psychogenic.
(2-4) These theories are based around three major concepts: the biomechanical effects, the muscular reflexogenic effects and the neurophysiological effects.
Sensory involvement of the genitalia is essential to achieving and maintaining reflexogenic erection; this becomes increasingly important as the effect of psychogenic stimuli declines with age.
* reflexogenic effect on the functional activity of different organs and systems.
In fact, such singers become subject to a law, namely, the "law of facilitation." (6) It dictates that when a reflexogenic muscular system receives a stimulus of unaccustomed magnitude, the system in question calls upon the surrounding musculature, thus engaging muscles neither ordinarily involved nor necessarily helpful in the response.
esophagus as reflexogenic sites for acid-induced bronchoconstriction in dogs.
However, although the reflexogenic stimulus is processed at a low level (the reflex circuit being organized at the level of the brainstem) the characteristics of the blink reflex may be considerably altered (e.g., latency may be shortened or lengthened and amplitude may be increased or decreased) by influences arriving from other levels of the nervous system via interconnecting pathways (Davis, 1984).
Erection occurs when nerve impulses from the brain (psychogenic erection) and from genital stimulation (reflexogenic erection) combine to cause blood to flow faster into than out of the penis.