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Flowing back; ebbing.

[Latin refluēns, refluent-, present participle of refluere, to flow back : re-, re- + fluere, to flow; see fluent.]

ref′lu·ence n.


rare flowing back; ebbing
[C18: from Latin refluere to flow back]
ˈrefluence n


(ˈrɛf lu ənt, rəˈflu-)

flowing back; ebbing, as the waters of a tide.
[1690–1700; < Latin refluent-, s. of refluēns, present participle of refluere to flow back. See re-, fluent]
ref′lu•ence, n.
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Too languid to sting, he had the more venom refluent in his blood.
Victor Hugo's writing "expands and opens into vast paragraphs"; Blake's verse "recalls within one's ear the long relapse of recoiling water and wash of the refluent wave," containing "a rapid clamour of ripples and strong ensuing strain of weightier sound, lifted with the lift of the running and ringing sea" (ACS, p.
Ateba hurle, sa voix s'enfuit, les cris refluent pele-mele dans son corps, elle ne peut plus les ordonner, elle ne veut plus les ordonner.