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Noun1.refocusing - focusing again
focalisation, focalization, focusing - the act of bringing into focus
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Like the smoker on the opium couch refocusing his eyes from the spacious walls of dream to the narrow confines of the mean little room, so Old Tarwater stared vague-eyed before him across his dying fire, at a huge moose that stared at him in startlement, dragging a wounded leg, manifesting all signs of extreme exhaustion; it, too, had been straying blindly in the shadow-land, and had wakened to reality only just ere it stepped into Tarwater's fire.
By refocusing the NRC into a research and technology organization, our Government is ensuring that Canadian firms have the instruments and tools they need to become even more successful on the global stage.
17 December 2010, SPA -- Japan unveiled a sweeping update of its national defence polices on Friday, aiming for greater flexibility and refocusing its capabilities as it confronts China&'s military buildup and North Korea&'s nuclear ambitions, according to.
Shannon expects the 2008 Enclave crossover to continue the image refocusing, while alterations to existing vehicles bring them more in line with the new look and feel until they are redesigned, replaced, or eliminated altogether.
Sinek of Sinek/Gomes, Corporate Refocusing has been appointed to the Board of Advisors.
Falco and Hockney conclude that the refocusing steps led to several separately magnified octagon pieces that Lotto couldn't completely reconcile.
The refocusing is beginning with lost foam, and, more specifically, with pressurized lost foam casting.
By refocusing on care delivery methods that achieve more accurate assessments and provide more appropriate intervention, providers can realize improved patient outcomes.
According to Smith (see "Suggested Reading"), positive patient outcomes related to nursing care were increased more than 700% (from 8% to 63%) in one facility within one year by revising and refocusing the nursing role.
Certainly an overview of historical patterns appears to reinforce this view as an increasing number of american firms were refocusing in the 1980s [p.
So in addition to refocusing the agency to ensure that minority entrepreneurs are prepared to compete, Brown says he has worked to make the agency a more integral part of Commerce.