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Noun1.refocusing - focusing again
focalisation, focalization, focusing - the act of bringing into focus
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Like the smoker on the opium couch refocusing his eyes from the spacious walls of dream to the narrow confines of the mean little room, so Old Tarwater stared vague-eyed before him across his dying fire, at a huge moose that stared at him in startlement, dragging a wounded leg, manifesting all signs of extreme exhaustion; it, too, had been straying blindly in the shadow-land, and had wakened to reality only just ere it stepped into Tarwater's fire.
Aon, the leading global professional services firm providing a broad range of risk, retirement and health solutions, has issued Putting DC Members Front and Centre; refocusing DC investment.
other-blame, catastrophizing, putting into perspective, positive refocusing, positive reappraisal, acceptance, and refocus on planning) with depression in adolescents.
To navigate through InCites, start searching in any one of the categories and then use the Filters or Refocusing options to create customized lists.
The company believes that, by refocusing on its core growth areas and improving its operational efficiency, it will strengthen its portfolio of mobile products and acquire additional resources to further expand its overall mobile platform.
However, Chen said that BlackBerry is returning to its roots, refocusing on delivering devices and services to business users, News24 reports.
17 December 2010, SPA -- Japan unveiled a sweeping update of its national defence polices on Friday, aiming for greater flexibility and refocusing its capabilities as it confronts China&'s military buildup and North Korea&'s nuclear ambitions, according to.
Shannon expects the 2008 Enclave crossover to continue the image refocusing, while alterations to existing vehicles bring them more in line with the new look and feel until they are redesigned, replaced, or eliminated altogether.
The refocusing means that Obducat will have to terminate an agreement with TDK relating to hard drive pattern media.
It can use either of two wavelengths--830 nanometers (near-IR) or 1300 nm (between NIR and IR)--to take up to 4000 measurements a second Rapid refocusing gives it a working range of 2 to 22 mm, allowing it to measure even a rapidly fluttering bubble, Isis says.
Falco and Hockney conclude that the refocusing steps led to several separately magnified octagon pieces that Lotto couldn't completely reconcile.