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Noun1.refocusing - focusing again
focalisation, focalization, focusing - the act of bringing into focus
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Like the smoker on the opium couch refocusing his eyes from the spacious walls of dream to the narrow confines of the mean little room, so Old Tarwater stared vague-eyed before him across his dying fire, at a huge moose that stared at him in startlement, dragging a wounded leg, manifesting all signs of extreme exhaustion; it, too, had been straying blindly in the shadow-land, and had wakened to reality only just ere it stepped into Tarwater's fire.
Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter dismissed without prejudice several claims filed against opioid manufacturers, including Purdue Pharma, Teva (TEVA) and Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), saying he is "refocusing the case on its central claim, abating the public nuisance caused by the companies' decades-long fraudulent marketing campaigns." The public nuisance claim provides the state with a comprehensive plan to address and remediate the effects the opioid crisis continues to have across the state, the AG said.
It can also be a unconscious cognitive processes (selective attention, memory distortions, denial or projection), or consciences processes: Self-blame, blaming others, rumination, catastrophizing, putting into perspective, refocus on planning, positive refocusing, positive reappraisal (11).
With Outlook Stable, the affirmation and Stable Outlook are based on the positive effect of management refocusing on core geographies, market segments and organic sales growth, rather than mainly on acquisition, over the next three years.
Objective: The objective of the present study is to investigate the relationship of cognitive and emotion regulation strategies (i.e., other-blame, catastrophizing, putting into perspective, positive refocusing, positive reappraisal, acceptance, and refocus on planning) with depression in adolescents.
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The company believes that, by refocusing on its core growth areas and improving its operational efficiency, it will strengthen its portfolio of mobile products and acquire additional resources to further expand its overall mobile platform.
Former Sybase CEO John Chen said in a letter to customers that BlackBerry is returning to its roots, refocusing on delivering devices and services to business users.
However, Chen said that BlackBerry is returning to its roots, refocusing on delivering devices and services to business users, News24 reports.
Refocusing a Lytro image, I felt like one of those CIA agents in the movies who is looking at satellite images and asks some technician to "enhance" the picture until Carlos the Jackal comes into focus.
Refocusing of "Kara-Suu" market is especially relevant today in connection with the closing of the Kyrgyz-Uzbek border.