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1. Improved by the removal of faults or abuses.
2. Improved in conduct or character.
3. Reformed Relating to or being the Protestant churches that follow the teachings of John Calvin and Ulrich Zwingli.


1. (Protestantism) of or designating a Protestant Church, esp the Calvinist as distinct from the Lutheran
2. (Judaism) of or designating Reform Judaism



1. amended by removal of faults, abuses, etc.
2. improved in conduct, morals, etc.
3. (cap.) noting or pertaining to Protestant churches, esp. Calvinist as distinguished from Lutheran.
re•form′ed•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.Reformed - of or relating to the body of Protestant Christianity arising during the Reformation; used of some Protestant churches especially Calvinist as distinct from Lutheran; "Dutch Reformed theology"
unorthodox - breaking with convention or tradition; "an unorthodox lifestyle"
2.reformed - caused to abandon an evil manner of living and follow a good one; "a reformed drunkard"
regenerate - reformed spiritually or morally; "a regenerate sinner"; "regenerate by redemption from error or decay"
مُصْلَح، مُقَوَّم، مُهَذَّب
sem hefur bætt ráî sitt
ıslah olmuş


[rɪˈfɔːmd] ADJreformado
he's a reformed character these daysúltimamente se ha reformado


[rɪˈfɔːrmd] adj [smoker, alcoholic] → ex- before n, ancien(ne) before n; [system] → réformé(e)
to become a reformed character → s'amender
He heard she had become a reformed character whilst in prison → Il avait entendu dire qu'elle s'était amendée en prison.


adjreformiert; person alsogewandelt; alcoholic, communistehemalig; behaviourgebessert; he’s a reformed characterer hat sich gebessert


[rɪˈfɔːmd] adj (criminal) → rieducato/a, ricuperato/a alla società; (morals) → riformato/a


(rəˈfoːm) verb
1. to improve or remove faults from. The criminal's wife stated that she had made great efforts to reform her husband.
2. to give up bad habits, improve one's behaviour etc. He admitted that he had been a criminal, but said that he intended to reform.
1. the act of improving. the reform of our political system.
2. an improvement. He intends to make several reforms in the prison system.
ˌreforˈmation (refə-) noun
reˈformed adjective
(negative unreformed) improved, especially in behaviour.
reˈformer noun
a person who wishes to bring about improvements. one of the reformers of our political system.
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The new heir, up to the period of his accession, was reckoned rather a dissipated youth, but had at once reformed, and made himself an exceedingly respectable member of society.
Miss Ophelia, in a few days, thoroughly reformed every department of the house to a systematic pattern; but her labors in all departments that depended on the cooperation of servants were like those of Sisyphus or the Danaides.
He whirled off another dead huzzah, and said, "I'm reformed, and this time I'll stay so, sure
These were members and ministers in the Reformed Methodist Church.
Ferrars would be reformed, and her son be at liberty to be happy.
He is reformed in every respect, apparently: quite a Christian: offering the right hand of fellowship to his enemies all around
Here, the loud self-assertion of Modern Progress -- which has reformed so much in manners, and altered so little in men -- meets the flat contradiction that scatters its pretensions to the winds.
He felt a reformed man, delivered from temptation; and the vision of his future life seemed to him as a promised land for which he had no cause to fight.
Should abuses creep into one part, they are reformed by those that remain sound.
The reformed brigade, in column, aimed through a wood at the road.
Chanleu, whose fire at one time repulsed the royal regiment, thought that the moment was come to pursue it; but it was reformed and led again to the charge by the Duc de Chatillon in person.
those things are very sad, no doubt, but I believe there are admirable homes where people of that kind are looked after and reformed, and I think on the whole that the secret of life is to take things very, very easily.

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