refrigeration system

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Noun1.refrigeration system - a cooling system for chilling or freezing (usually for preservative purposes)refrigeration system - a cooling system for chilling or freezing (usually for preservative purposes)
cooling, cooling system - a mechanism for keeping something cool; "the cooling was overhead fans"
icebox, refrigerator - white goods in which food can be stored at low temperatures
refrigerator car - a freight car that is equipped with refrigeration system
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"The refrigeration system, which uses ecofriendly glycol to chill the products, is certainly helping in our overall effort to build sustainable stores," Lindeman says.
A leading national food retailer installed a distributed refrigeration system as part of an integrated solution at a store in suburban St.
Initial customer research carried out by Carrier Rental Systems indicates that many manufacturing companies in the UK are still to implement a satisfactory strategy to comply with the impending legislation changes and risk being caught up in reduced availability, increased prices and possible refrigeration system downtime.
FreeZone personal-sized 1- and 2.5-L freeze dry systems offer a CFC-free refrigeration system in which the collector coils to -50 C (-58 F).
The refrigeration system features a low maintenance bare tube condenser coil that reduces the amount of trapped debris, eliminating unnecessary labor costs by requiring cleaning typically only once a year.
Q: When choosing a refrigerant for an industrial refrigeration system, what factors should plants consider?
The Biolab SL-LUR-6.1 general-purpose, undercounter refrigerator is equipped with an oversize refrigeration system that has been factory sealed and pre-lubricated for extended life and continuous service.
The vapor absorption refrigeration system uses at least two fluids.
Commercial refrigeration system is used where the temperature is maintained at a level much below than that of its surroundings.
For food retailers, an R290-charged refrigeration system offers the unique advantage of helping to meet corporate sustainability goals while pre-empting regulatory issues such as expensive EPA fines for refrigerant leak issues.

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