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 (rĭ-fo͝ol′jənt, -fŭl′-)
Shining radiantly; resplendent.

[Latin refulgēns, refulgent-, present participle of refulgēre, to flash back : re-, re- + fulgēre, to flash; see bhel- in Indo-European roots.]

re·ful′gence, re·ful′gen·cy n.
re·ful′gent·ly adv.


literary shining, brilliant, or radiant
[C16: from Latin refulgēre to shine brightly, from re- + fulgēre to shine]
reˈfulgence, reˈfulgency n
reˈfulgently adv


(rɪˈfʌl dʒənt)

shining brightly; radiant; gleaming.
[1500–10; < Latin refulgent-, s. of refulgēns, present participle of refulgēre to radiate light. See re-, fulgent]
re•ful′gence, n.
re•ful′gent•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.refulgent - radiating or as if radiating lightrefulgent - radiating or as if radiating light; "the beaming sun"; "the effulgent daffodils"; "a radiant sunrise"; "a refulgent sunset"
bright - emitting or reflecting light readily or in large amounts; "the sun was bright and hot"; "a bright sunlit room"


Giving off or reflecting light readily or in large amounts:


[rɪˈfʌldʒənt] ADJrefulgente
References in classic literature ?
The refulgent rays transformed the interior of the soiled and squalid canvas to the splendor of a palace in the eyes of the dreaming man.
So saying, and bestowing upon the locksmith a most refulgent smile, he left them.
I mounted now the hill in shade; there were pebbles, inequalities, briars in my path, but my eyes were fixed on the crimson peak above; my imagination was with the refulgent firmament beyond, and I thought nothing of the stones turning under my feet, or of the thorns scratching my face and hands.
Now when fair Morn Orient in Heav'n appeerd Up rose the Victor Angels, and to Arms The matin Trumpet Sung: in Arms they stood Of Golden Panoplie, refulgent Host, Soon banded; others from the dawning Hills Lookd round, and Scouts each Coast light-armed scoure, Each quarter, to descrie the distant foe, Where lodg'd, or whither fled, or if for fight, In motion or in alt: him soon they met Under spred Ensignes moving nigh, in slow But firm Battalion; back with speediest Sail ZEPHIEL, of Cherubim the swiftest wing, Came flying, and in mid Aire aloud thus cri'd.
As an exquisite embodiment of the poet's visions, and a realisation of human intellectuality, gilding with refulgent light our dreamy moments, and laying open a new and magic world before the mental eye, the drama is gone, perfectly gone,' said Mr Curdle.
He then presented himself in a refulgent condition as to his attire, but looking indefinably shrunken and old.
The lower part of his dress was more distinctly visible by the bright rays of the moon, which, entering through the broken ceiling, shed their refulgent beams on feet cased in elegantly made boots of polished leather, over which descended fashionably cut trousers of black cloth.
While I walked under the dripping orange-trees of my wet garden, and amongst its drenched pomegranates and pine-apples, and while the refulgent dawn of the tropics kindled round me--I reasoned thus, Jane--and now listen; for it was true Wisdom that consoled me in that hour, and showed me the right path to follow.
A huge orchestra including among its complement members of some of the area's most enterprising amateur ensembles (not least concertmaster Charlotte Moseley) had volunteered its services and attendance at just a handful of rehearsals under conductor Keith Slade, and immediately revealed a tight, refulgent and buoyant sound in the Shostakovich Festival Overture which opened the concert.
India has a refulgent history of sustained existence spanning centuries.
Consider this passage from Autumn: "Turn we a moment Fancy's rapid flight / To vigorous soils, and climes of fair extent; / Where, by the potent sun elated high, / The vineyard swells refulgent on the day.
The refulgent billboard in front of the Ateneo campus in Quezon City said it all: 'Hindi bayani si Marcos