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Noun1.refuse heap - an accumulation of refuse and discarded matterrefuse heap - an accumulation of refuse and discarded matter
dumpsite, garbage dump, rubbish dump, trash dump, wasteyard, waste-yard, dump - a piece of land where waste materials are dumped
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You can throw me on the refuse heap for all I care.
In exploring the varieties of natural knowledge in the early modern era, the contributors pay tribute to the work of Allen Debus, whose own endeavors cleared the way for scholars to examine subjects that were once snubbed as suitable only to the refuse heap of the history of science.
Charity shops rely on dealers to buy bags of clothes they are throwing out, otherwise they would be put on the refuse heap.
Manila's once-notorious symbol of poverty ''Smoky Mountain,'' the refuse heap near Manila Bay, is now covered with earth.
This issue, we launch a new column bravely devoted to bringing you the best news stories you may have missed in the progressive media, and pretty much anything else of interest that comes across the refuse heap I like to call my desk.
Between hunting and fishing excursions, Krantz led Swain and his partner, Jeff Sullivan, on tours of Native American cultural sites, including a burial ground and a midden, or refuse heap.
She can attenuate fear, open the Elysian doors, and even give, in the face of the world's refuse heap, an immaculate sense of life.
Toilet was thrown on the refuse heap after a woman had released herself on a suitable material.
According to him, this was so as to focus on the media about the administration was 'exceedingly negative and abominable,' saying critics after critic talked about the refuse heaps on the roads, the potholes, the terrible insecurity situation with armed robbery attacks on banks and snatching of vehicles occurring almost on a daily basis.
The statement also drew attention to refuse heaps around town and said it is as a result of illegal dumping of waste by residents and despite warnings and detrimental effects, these illegal refuse heaps poses health hazards to the community.
Sometimes the refuse heaps can be half the height of the two-storey market building.
Archaeologists can use GPR to detect ancient roads or architectural features, such as walls and floors, and refuse heaps, wells, old riverbeds or even tools.