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He said to you: `If that vile Italian refuses the million we ask of him, sire, -- if we are forced, for want of money, to renounce diplomacy, well, then, we will ask him to grant us five hundred gentlemen.
Perhaps she refused to have him sent for because she knew he would refuse to come.
Why do you, who heal others, refuse to help my son?
From the point of view of the old countess and of society it was out of the question for her to refuse him.
That an old gentleman of station should fall on his knees to a penniless governess, and burst out laughing because she refused to marry him-- that a penniless governess should refuse a Baronet with four thousand a year--these were mysteries which Miss Crawley could never comprehend.
But as she was dancing the last quadrille with one of the tiresome young men whom she could not refuse, she chanced to be vis-a-vis with Vronsky and Anna.
I positively refuse to read her, as I positively refuse to listen to her, whenever she attempts to return to that one subject.
No, I do not yet refuse," said Dorothea, in a clear voice, the need of freedom asserting itself within her; "but it is too solemn-- I think it is not right--to make a promise when I am ignorant what it will bind me to.
My vanity may be misleading me still; for I must acknowledge to you privately that I think Miss Vanstone was sorry to refuse me.
I refuse to accept this extraordinary mission," Pailleton declared, rising to his feet.
You think I ought to refuse him then," said Harriet, looking down.
I can refuse you nothing," replied he, "that is just and reasonable.