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1. A usually Jewish citizen of the Soviet Union who was denied permission to emigrate.
2. Informal A person who refuses to do something.


(rɪˈfjuːznɪk) or


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (formerly) a Jew in the Soviet Union who had been refused permission to emigrate
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a person who refuses to cooperate with a system or comply with a law because of a moral conviction
3. (Law) a person who refuses to cooperate with a system or comply with a law because of a moral conviction
[C20: from refuse1 + -nik]


(rɪˈfyuz nɪk)

(formerly) a Soviet citizen, usu. Jewish, who was denied permission to emigrate from the Soviet Union.
[1970–75; partial translation of Russian otkáznik; see -nik]


[rɪˈfjuːznɪk] Nrefusenik mf


[rɪˈfjuːznɪk] nrefuznik mf


n (inf)Verweigerer(in) m(f)
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I shudder to think what went through the heads, and is still going through the heads, of the leaders of the other refusnik countries--Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Zambia, Burundi, Eritrea, Benin, Sierra Leone and Guinea Bissau.
People often associate the Refusnik movement with a small group of famous activists and Prisoners of Zion.
In 1987, after years of low emigration, former refusnik Natan Sharansky said that a waiver could be considered after "at least 50,000 of our brothers every year will be able to leave the Soviet Union." (116) Ironically, it was the refusenik imprisonment issue in general and Sharansky's case in particularly that made many Jewish organizations hesitant to support any loosening of trade restrictions in 1979.
Israeli Air Force captain became a refusnik and BDS activist and once
It is still presided over today by Russian-born former refusnik Rabbi Kogan, one of the four appointed by the Seventh Rebbe to retrieve the Schneersohn Library.
Sharansky, the famed Soviet "refusnik" had left the Soviet Union for Israel in 1986.
Several bookmakers claimed they were thinking of joining Turf TV refusnik Howard Chisholm and dropping the service, although the likelihood of that happening in competitive situations remains to be seen.
We never made it but from the moment the IDF navy surrounded our little boat and kidnapped us to Ashdot, from the moment our beloved Jonatan Shapiro, an Israeli refusnik who was tasered in the heart, from the moment I watched the Israeli navy in their scary uniforms with high boots and guns I wondered, how could Jews do this to Jews.
With Torres, Steven Gerrard and refusnik Javier Mascherano among those left back at home, Babel is expected to start at the Huseyin Avni Aker Stadium this evening with Liverpool aiming to seal their passage to the group stages of the competition.
Its surrounding boho streets and markets were eclectic enough to keep even a shopping refusnik like me happy.
Back in the USSR, he was a refusnik, a Soviet Jew who petitioned to emigrate to Israel but was refused, professionally marginalized, and persecuted.
Our healthy suspicion over how words affect readers also has a historical, political dimension: anyone who read the "refusnik" Eastern and Central European authors of the Iron Curtain era--or, for that matter, memoirs of people reared in strict Catholic schools--has seen that even the most well-organized, heavily policed efforts to shape children through books, education, and strictly controlled media fails.