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tr.v. re·fut·ed, re·fut·ing, re·futes
1. To prove to be false or erroneous; overthrow by argument or proof: refute testimony.
2. To deny the accuracy or truth of: refuted the results of the poll.
3. Usage Problem To repudiate.

[Latin refūtāre; see bhau- in Indo-European roots.]

re·fut′a·bil′i·ty (rĭ-fyo͞o′tə-bĭl′ĭ-tē, rĕf′yə-tə-) n.
re·fut′a·ble (rĭ-fyo͞o′tə-bəl, rĕf′yə-tə-) adj.
re·fut′a·bly adv.
re·fut′er n.
Usage Note: Traditionally, the verb refute has two meanings. The first is "to prove to be false or erroneous," as in Charges of institutional bias against women were refuted by an analysis of the employment data. In this example, it is clear that an argument was mustered to demonstrate the falsity of the charges. This usage is well established as standard. The second meaning is "to deny the accuracy of," and in this use there is no mention or implication of mustering evidence or detailed reasoning. Rather, the refutation exists as a simple statement or claim. This second use has been criticized as incorrect or inappropriate since the early 1900s, despite being common. A majority of the Usage Panel accepts the use as a synonym of deny, but not by a wide margin. In our 2002 survey, 62 percent accepted the example In the press conference, the senator categorically refuted the charges of malfeasance but declined to go into details. This suggests that many readers are uncomfortable with this usage and would prefer to see deny in these contexts. Beyond these two meanings, refute is sometimes used to mean "to deny the validity of, repudiate," as in Observers are expecting the appeals court to refute the Microsoft breakup. The Panel has scant affection for this usage. Some 89 percent rejected the example just quoted in the 2002 survey.
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Adj.1.refutable - able to be refuted
deniable - capable of being denied or contradicted
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[rɪˈfjuːtəbl] ADJrefutable
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(rəˈfjuːt) verb
to prove that (a person, statement etc) is wrong. You can easily refute his argument.
reˈfutable adjective
ˌrefuˈtation (refju-) noun
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I do not think this theory is adequate, but I think it is suggestive of truth, and not so easily refutable as it might appear to be at first sight.
Una de las presunciones occidentales en relacion a la autoridad de los padres--la referente a que, debido a los naturales lazos de afecto, los padres actuan siempre buscando el mejor interes de los hijos--es refutable, debido a lo complejo que resulta definir el "mejor interes del nino" (9); en el caso de los padres que objetan procedimientos que podrian salvar la vida de los ninos, ya sea por convicciones religiosas o debido a malas experiencias, es facil evidenciar esta refutacion.
Most refutable indicator is the issue of timings; would a state stage a clandestine operation in a neighboring country(s) with the potential to spoil the atmosphere, when there is a high level visit scheduled with promise of large investments?
Se utiliza la funcion geometrica de la asintota para ejemplificar la relacion que se establece entre el amor como un ideal imposible y la accion refutable que requiere, para ser puesto en obra, tal como se desarrollara en las lineas siguientes.
En affirmant que le taux de pauvrete parmi les juifs de France est identique a celui de la population en general, les juifs de France cherchent peut etre a souligner leur integration totale dans la societe francaise et ils ont raison meme si pour ce faire ils recourent a une affirmation sociologiquement refutable. Les juifs gardent en memoire que l'origine des persecutions dont ils ont fait l'objet dans toutes les societes a ete leur refus d'assimilation.
Thus, one can complain about missing a special portion of some part of the discussion and yet know where to use this if the information is not refutable. We will not describe the dimensions of reality.
A responsible attorney would not have allowed a court filing containing so many easily refutable claims to be filed, he said.
So while public sentiment seems to belie Robertson's contention that the "resistance" will "intensify," his misrepresentation of the role oil and gas play in the Canadian economy may be more egregious--and more easily refutable.
(32) Any theory remains refutable, but as Breton and de Leeuw put it, (34) theories of the policy process "(...) formulate propositions on the conditions under which certain policy phenomena (eg, preferences for certain types of interventions, decisions on implementation issues, allocation of resources, inclusion or exclusion of certain stakeholders, etc) are observed and have an impact on policy outcomes." In other words, beyond common sense and intuition, appropriate theoretical notions can provide the researcher some keys to understand successful or unsuccessful stories.
It added that all calls for independent investigations into the alleged incident were rejected by the United States, Britain and France, while the facts show that all previous allegations of this kind have been shown by refutable evidence to be false.
He is only doing his job, but at the end of it all, history would not be kind to them at all because it is clear; all the statistics I have given you is not refutable. And I think more importantly, Nigerians know that under Jonathan, the last administration, a 50kg bag of rice was something like N12,000; now they know how much its costs; a measure of garri was something like N50, now it went as high as N500 at one time.