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tr.v. re·fut·ed, re·fut·ing, re·futes
1. To prove to be false or erroneous; overthrow by argument or proof: refute testimony.
2. To deny the accuracy or truth of: refuted the results of the poll.
3. Usage Problem To repudiate.

[Latin refūtāre; see bhau- in Indo-European roots.]

re·fut′a·bil′i·ty (rĭ-fyo͞o′tə-bĭl′ĭ-tē, rĕf′yə-tə-) n.
re·fut′a·ble (rĭ-fyo͞o′tə-bəl, rĕf′yə-tə-) adj.
re·fut′a·bly adv.
re·fut′er n.
Usage Note: Traditionally, the verb refute has two meanings. The first is "to prove to be false or erroneous," as in Charges of institutional bias against women were refuted by an analysis of the employment data. In this example, it is clear that an argument was mustered to demonstrate the falsity of the charges. This usage is well established as standard. The second meaning is "to deny the accuracy of," and in this use there is no mention or implication of mustering evidence or detailed reasoning. Rather, the refutation exists as a simple statement or claim. This second use has been criticized as incorrect or inappropriate since the early 1900s, despite being common. A majority of the Usage Panel accepts the use as a synonym of deny, but not by a wide margin. In our 2002 survey, 62 percent accepted the example In the press conference, the senator categorically refuted the charges of malfeasance but declined to go into details. This suggests that many readers are uncomfortable with this usage and would prefer to see deny in these contexts. Beyond these two meanings, refute is sometimes used to mean "to deny the validity of, repudiate," as in Observers are expecting the appeals court to refute the Microsoft breakup. The Panel has scant affection for this usage. Some 89 percent rejected the example just quoted in the 2002 survey.
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Adj.1.refutable - able to be refuted
deniable - capable of being denied or contradicted
قابِل للدَّحْض
delillerle çürütülebilir


[rɪˈfjuːtəbl] ADJrefutable




(rəˈfjuːt) verb
to prove that (a person, statement etc) is wrong. You can easily refute his argument.
reˈfutable adjective
ˌrefuˈtation (refju-) noun
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I do not think this theory is adequate, but I think it is suggestive of truth, and not so easily refutable as it might appear to be at first sight.
ideologically inspired "studies" are not regarded by their proponents as provisional and refutable hypotheses' (Mishan, 1993: 202).
These tickets are non refutable, transferable or for resale and can only be used by named beneficiaries only.
Cette argumentation est refutable par le fait que l'assiette fonciere sur laquelle se situe le douar est non immatriculee, en absence d'un titre foncier formant le point de depart des droits reels fonciers sur le terrain.
Dworkin's argument is also refutable not only with the evidence from domestic legal systems, but also from the perspective of international law.
Spears can churn out a pop hit, and she's an extremely hard worker--neither point seems refutable.
For example, political scholars began to insist that research in their field should posit refutable hypotheses, use quantifiable data, and rely on observable unbiased data to test the hypotheses.
The orgasm is the least refutable feeling of individuality; your being is never more singular, or less simultaneous with that of another, than when you're coming.
He was happy for Lukaku to have ambitions of winning the title and encouraged it, without ever saying anything unrealistic or refutable.
Je postule que les decideurs pohtiques devraient faire l'adoption d'une presomption refutable en faveur d'introduire des traitements fiscaux par defaut, selon les preferences de la majorite des contribuables admissibles, a moins qu'une structure << penalty default >> s'avere a meme de communiquer de l'information suffisamment importante au gouvernement.
Indeed, a believer's faith may falter when faced with arguments for atheism if he has not adequately seen how his faith is not a theoretical position refutable through argument.
He added that the debate about the Majlis Ash shura interference in issues that are not within its jurisdiction is refutable.