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Noun1.registered bond - a bond whose owner is recorded on the books of the issuer; can be transferred to another owner only when endorsed by the registered owner
registered security - a security whose owner's name is recorded on the books of the issuer (or issuer's agent)
bond certificate, bond - a certificate of debt (usually interest-bearing or discounted) that is issued by a government or corporation in order to raise money; the issuer is required to pay a fixed sum annually until maturity and then a fixed sum to repay the principal
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The bank led the Republic of Indonesia's first Euro bond in 2014 and the first US SEC Registered bond in 2017, among others.
It may be remembered that State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) is also partner of the Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) for issuance of registered bond.
In the case of a registered bond, the issuing corporation will mail a check for the semiannual interest to the owner of record on each interest payment date.
It is the case that Premium Bonds are not transferable during the lifetime of the registered bond holder or on their death.
There was an engraved certificate associated with a registered bond, on the face of which the name of the owner appeared, but it served primarily as a device for effecting change in the record of ownership.
The printed receipts were given to the buyer of registered bond and there was no limit and period of the investment.
REGISTERED BOND. A bond that is registered on the books of the issuing company in the name of the owner.
Siddiqui said, "As part of our commitment to take Islamic Indexing to a new level of sophistication and development Thomson Reuters is pleased to be partnering with BPA Malaysia which is the only registered bond pricing agency in Malaysia that is authorized to price and value Malaysian Sukuk and bonds.
Based in Kuala Lumpur, BPAM is the first and only registered bond pricing agency accredited by the Securities Commission of Malaysia.
The registered bonds are secure and not prone to forgery and theft.

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